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It's About to Get GATSBY Up In Here: Brett Blogs Prom!

It's About to Get GATSBY Up In Here: Brett Blogs Prom!

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Guess what my prom theme is?

It’s……THE GREAT GATSBY!!!!!!!! Okay, okay, I know this book is a tragedy and whatnot, but can we just forget that insignificant fact for one night?

The Great Gatsby is not only a work of literary art, but it’s also one of my favorite movies—with my main homie Leonardo DiCaprio starring as none other than Gatsby himself. So, as you can tell, I’m pleased with this choice in theme: it goes beyond the stereotypical and cliché “A Night to Remember.”

Although our school’s budget *probably* doesn’t allow for us to have a full-out Gatsby party, complete with fireworks and fountains of champagne and wild entertainers, I hope they'll incorporate the Roaring Twenties as well as they can. After all, prom tickets at my school have a pretty steep price tag—about $100 dollars.

Nonetheless, one thing my school provides is a beautiful setting for the prom. This year, it's located here—gorgeous, right?

I’ve already purchased my dress, but if I would’ve planned ahead, I would’ve considered dressing up for the theme. I know a few girls that are doing that, and I think it would be so fun. My friend Gabrielle is donning a short black flapper dress with a necklace of pearls—so cute!

Well, I’m off to find some sparkly earrings for my dress. Catch up with you guys later!

Are you jealous of Brett's prom theme? 

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