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The Ultimate Senior Bucket List

The Ultimate Senior Bucket List


Hey there seniors! You're almost there! It's been four long years (two if you're some sort of kid genius) but now it's coming to an end. Time to stop worrying about your studies (DON'T STOP WORRYING ABOUT YOUR STUDIES) and start worrying about all the things you still have to cross off your bucket list. Make sure you don't graduate without getting these things done (STILL GRADUATE EVEN IF YOU HAVEN'T DONE THESE THINGS)!

Play A Senior Prank

This is a classic senior activity, but it takes a steady hand. You have to come up with something awesome, but also something that won't get you arrested. Take apart the principal's car and reassemble it in his office? Lots of hard work and the only fruits of your labor will be grand theft auto and vandalism charges. Instead, try something fun like waking up early and covering the school lawn in garden gnomes before everyone comes in! Whatever  you do, clean up any mess you made. Our society already doesn't respect janitors enough. Don't keep them from their families longer than you need to.

Mentor a Freshman

Remember when you first started high school and the seniors seemed like a race of demigods, powerful beings who walk among us, either bestowing their benevolence or displaying their wrath by knocking books out of the hands of their terrified disciples? Weren't you glad there was someone looking out you? And if there wasn't, didn't you wish there was? Well you can be the senior you wished your seniors were!

Forgive Your High School Enemy/Rival

There's that person who occupies your thoughts all throughout high school, who you just can't take your mind off. No, not your crush, your high school enemy (the title above this paragraph probably gave it away). There's that person whose success makes you angry and whose failure gives you such great guilty pleasure. Well guess what? That's some toxic stuff to have. it's the end of high school, and you have to give that up. You're your own person and it's time to never think about that jerk again (you are allowed one sly smirk if you later find out they are arrested for a victimless crime).

Take Part in a New Extracurricular

We know what you're thinking. You don't want more responsibilities—you're almost done. But here's the thing, you don't have to become captain for a sport you've never played. You don't have to become the star of the play. Just try and do a little of something new! Be the team manager of the basketball team (we were!). Or be "villager #2" in the play. Just meet some new people you never have and broaden your horizons, before you head off to an entirely new land.

Write a Letter to Your Favorite Teacher

Now's the time to show them how much you care. Teaching is a thankless job, but it means so much when you can see what your doing really makes a difference. It will be all the more important because it's a letter, which is a borderline dead medium (don't look up the stats, we're right). The only thing that might be even better would be an even deader medium, like etching your message of thanks into stone or making them a mix tape.

Make a New Friend

Will it only be for a month? Sure. But there's a silver lining to that too. If you don't like them that much, you'll never see them again. If you do like them, you'll have someone new to hang out with when you're back in town.

Start a Food Fight

Classic high school experience! Just don't do it in the cafeteria, 'cause that's going to end up with a lot of wasted food. Also, you might get in trouble. Instead you should just have one with your friends. And you could use shaving cream if you don't want to waste food. A can of shaving cream costs about as much as three apples and yet it's four times as fun.

Sing in Front of the Entire School

It doesn't have to be good, A for effort!

What do you want to do before you graduate?

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