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The Friday Awards: Gypsy Cats!

The Friday Awards: Gypsy Cats!

Blessed day, oh bubbly Sparklers! We thank our respective deities/the universe/our own bad selves for getting us through another long dreary week. Now it is time for rejoicing and jubilation, for Friday is here again!

The sun-kissed sweetums who correctly guessed last week’s secret message are as follows. The secret message was “gypsy cats“. Congratulations to all the winners!

running is my SO

To guess this week’s secret message, click here. Check out a hint if you get stumped.

The We Share Your Disappointment Award goes to 99_heather_99 for this comment on our unions post:

I misread 'union' as 'unicorn'. I'm very disappointed to hear there isn't an army of unicorns standing up for workers rights.

The Totally Understated Award goes to CamoAustyn for this comment on our prom quiz post:

Mostly B's.

So untrue. Prom will be perfect just the way it is..

..I mean, as long as we're voted prom royalty together by a landslide, my hair, makeup and nails are envied by Victoria Secrets models, the pictures are done professionally, my date doesn't notice the existence of a single other student OR chaperone, we're mentioned in the newspaper, and the night ends with fireworks (the literal kind), doves flying out of a limo and some sort of proposal.

What's high maintenance? I don't see the problem here

The Tell Us How You Really Feel Award goes to therealnumbernine for this comment on the latest ice cream bracket:

VA F***ING NILLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! (Sparkitor Note: Chocolate is better than vanilla. Sorry not sorry.)

The Can We Join? Award goes to ShaiShapSauce for this comment on an Auntie post about fraternities:

Additionally, I would join a frat if they made daisy chains and saw penguins all day.

The Best Thrifting Tip Award goes to timey_wimey_stuff for this comment on our guide to thrifting:

Actually, due to Macklemore Rules, you should really have $20 in your back pocket.

And that’s all for this week, my lovelies! See you next Friday!

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