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How To: Make your Profile Pic any Gif :)

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How To: Make your Profile Pic  any Gif :)

Ello Sparklers! It has come to my attention ( through the many many MANY people asking me how to) That some people do not know how to make your sparkler Picture a Gif.

What I mean by Gif is one of those amazing little moving pictures/short clips, that repeats it's self.

If you want to get all techy with me here ya go

** throws dictionary at unsuspecting Reader**

GIF jif,gif/ noun COMPUTING

1. a lossless format for compressing image files. "a GIF image" 2.GIFs are image files that are compressed to reduce transfer time.

So There you are you freaky Knowledge seeking people you!

Any on that note, Here is how you make your sparknote's Profile Image all moving and stuffs  

  1. If you have a Gif saved that you want to use skip to step 7, If not Start here.
  2. Go to google Images and search what ever you want your profile picture to be: *EXAMPLE* Search: Doctor Who
  3. After your search topic Simply put "Gifs" *EXAMPLE*: Doctor Who Gifs
  4. Click Search
  5. Choose one that you like from the image results: NOTE: Be Surre to choose one that moves!
  6. Go on ahead and save that puppy to some where you'll remember it!
  7. Alrighty Then! Open up your Sparknotes account, and go to your profile page.
  8. Click the grey-ish buttom under your current profile picture that says " Manage your photos"
  9. A black box/screen will pop up that says "Select the image file from your computer using the panel below" 
  10. Click the grey-ish button to the bottom left of that box that says "choose.." 
  11. Then select the Gif you saved!
  12. a screen will pop up asking you to "crop" your photo 
  14. your mouse clicker has become a grey-is crosshairs like thing, 
  15. with it doube-click outside of the cropped area ( this area will be dark)
  16. If you've done it right, your clicker will get a wee bit bigger and the cropping dotted line will go away
  17. Check the little box that says "make this my profile picture" 
  18. Then go ahead and Upload it!!
  19. It may take a minute to upload, but it's worth it!

Now Go you tottaly beautiful Sparkler you! and share with the world the magnificence of your new profile picture!! 

Comment below, or message me with any questions




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