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Check YO' Selfie Before You Wreck Yo' Selfie: The Chelsea Dagger VLOG

Check YO' Selfie Before You Wreck Yo' Selfie: The Chelsea Dagger VLOG

THE SPARKLIFE YEARBOOK AWARDS ARE UPON US, BUTTS, AND THERE ARE RICHES, GLORY, AND INTERNET FAME TO BE HAD! But before you can enter, you've got to master one very important skill: TAKING A PICTURE OF YOUR OWN SELF USING YOUR OWN HAND. The act—nay, the ART—of taking a selfie can be fraught with peril and double chins, which is why I made this handy video tutorial on HOW TO DO IT GOOD. Click play and brace yourself—this one gets GRAPHIC.

Which categories are you most excited about in the Yearbook Awards? Have you entered yet? Are you going to take some stunning selfies right now and THEN enter? Are you going to chillax and play badminton with me and Domo in the comments section? AM I CRAFTY OR WHAT?! (DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT TRYING TO BE CLEVER AND SAYING "WHAT.")

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