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22 Signs You've Already Won This School Year

22 Signs You've Already Won This School Year

Ever walk into a Chipotle and just know you're getting free guac? Sometimes you have that same premonition in school—that all the tests and home work assignments are going to go down easy, like Chipotle's special blend of avocado, cilantro and onion. Check out these 20 signs you are already #winning.

  1. You already had several people ask you to prom and it's not even October yet!
  2. Your locker is perfectly situated between all your classes and the combination is the same as last year.
  3. Your rich uncle has already reserved a condo in Cancun for all your friends this summer.
  4. You snagged the perfect seat in homeroom where the teacher can't see you fall asleep.
  5. Your ex boyfriend/girlfriend got so hairy over the summer!
  6. Your locker is right next to the cute foreign exchange student and it's your job to show them around the school.
  7. Your went through the entirety of puberty over the summer, so no one even noticed, and now you're done.  
  8. On the first day of algebra class, your teacher admits you'll never need to know this and throws all the texts books out the window.
  9. The meanest teacher in school has got arrested for yelling at babies. Substitute teachers and in-class movies for the rest of the semester!
  10. That really hot senior actually remembers your name from last year.
  11. The school's athletics department has so much money you won't have to go door to door selling oranges this year.
  12. All the mean girls in school died in a mall escalator accident.
  13. The lunch lady tells you that Quiznos is sponsoring lunch this year with Free Toasties Tuesday!
  14. Several colleges have asked you to enroll and you haven't even taking the SATs yet.
  15. You won the school's parking lottery, which allows you to drive your car right up to homeroom.
  16. The principal went on the PA system to tell everyone that instead of grades this year, teachers will be giving out lollipops.
  17. A teacher mistook your book bag for his and accidentally put the teacher answer key in there.
  18. Your teacher assigned a three-week long team project with you and your crush. All work must be done at home while snuggling.
  19. Your school changed its mascot to Batman.
  20. The principal announced that instead of school assemblies this year, all students will be required to take naps.
  21. The school re-routed the bus so its last stop is right at your front door, giving you 15 more minute of sleep a night.
  22. Your bully from last year comes up to you and says he's sorry and that lunch is on him for the year.

Have you already won at this game, playas?

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