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How many more signs, short of the four horsemen of the dogpocalypse, does Hollywood need before it realizes that it is time for a movie about a hero dog? Many years have passed since Milo and Otis, fewer, but still many, since we saw the last Beethoven. (We are frankly grateful that Look Who's Talking Now is behind us.) But now it is time for a champion mutt to reclaim the mantle of greatest animal of all time from the Willies, the Simbas, the geese. And I know just the dog.

Tie, a preppy Westchester County dog not afraid to get close to his hardscrabble past, made the news this week after he ran alongside a Metro North train (a New York commuter train, my westies) for over a mile, overtaking it at railway crossings and thwarting electrocution via the dreaded third rail (would "The Third Rail" be a good Batman villain? Tell me in the comments). Commuters ran to the front of the train to watch the dog joyfully leaping over railway sleepers, running free as the wind, upon the wind, of the wind, like a rainbow that transcended time, and yet never existed at all.

“The dog was in front of me, running in front,” said Delia, an avid dog lover who alerted the rail command center and MTA Police. “Oh, my God, I was going real slow.”

Tie made it all the way to Harlem in New York City, where he was picked up by the police. Hopefully, they treated him to some of the excellent Latin cuisine in that neighborhood.

Seriously, this story makes me want to sing out loud and swing around light poles. It is the stuff of dancing on roofs, it is the spirit in my belly.

What would this film be called? Here are my suggestions:

Milo and Overtaking a Commuter Train

Beet-you to Harlem

Tie Potter and the Ghostly Third Rail

Doggone With the Wind

The Dog of War

Citizen Canine

Canine to Five  

Harlem Bound

It's Okay to Cry in Happy Movies

Good boy, Tie.

Are you in lovveeeeeeeee???

[via Gothamist]

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