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Blogging Vampire Academy: Part 8

Blogging Vampire Academy: Part 8

Last time on Blogging Vampire Academy, we found out that Dimitri had a real rough childhood—like he makes Honey Boo Boo's childhood look gilded. His mother was a blood whore and his Moroi dad was such an asshat to his mother that Dimitri had to beat him up when he was just 13 years old. Wow. What a badass. Also, Rose is coming ever closer to figuring out what Ms. Karp, St. Vladimir and Lissa all have in common (crazy hats! It has to be crazy hats).


Mason finds Rose by the cafeteria and delivers the box of St. Vlad books she requested. She rewards him with a sultry smile that Mason "eats up" and he goes on his dumb, naive little way.

Back in the confines of her dead-animal-free room (Lissa should request a room switch, yo), Rose cracks opens one of  the books. It's the diary of the half-blood princeSt. V himself. He writes about healing a woman named Sara who suffered from stomach pains. Although she recovered, the process took a toll on Vlad, who could feel the "madness trying to leak into my mind." Is this the same madness that Ms. Karp suffered from? Is this what the fox/rabbit mutilator is trying to have Lissa do by leaving hurt animals on her bed... drive her mad? Would everyone be happier if they just sung through their problems?

Apparently, St. V didn't just heal sick people, he would also heal animals and crops when people needed food (fie, dawn of agriculture!). But all that healing came with a hefty price, and St. V fell into a deep depression, even attempting suicide—just like Lissa. It was only Anna, Vlad's guardian with the "Shadow Kiss," that saved him.

In another book, there's a story of hundreds of followers doing anything they could be close to Vladimir. It may have been pure adulation/Bieber fever. But to Rose, it sounded like Vladimir was using the same super-compulsion Lissa has been using on the popular kids—just on a grander scale.

Plus, this "Shadow Kiss" keeps popping up. Anna had it with Vladimir and Ms. Karp knew Rose had it with Lissa as well. It's all connected! To the whiteboard!!! -->

Flashback: Two years ago, Rose was in the library when Ms. Karp ran up, pleading for her to stop Lissa from using her powers. Poor Ms. Karp said that "they" were coming for her and eventually for Lissa, too. She told them to leave the academy at once and Rose felt a compulsion on her. Finally,  a group of guardians broke them up and took Ms. Karp away. Two months later, Rose and Lissa fled the academy. But whose idea was it really? Rose's or Ms. Karp's?

Back in the present, Rose is startled by a knock on her door. It's Mason, here to pick up Rose. Lissa is having a party at her dorm and she's definitely invited. When Rose enters she finds Camille, Carly, Xander, Aaron and a few other royals dancing and passing around a bottle of whiskey. Usually Rose would welcome a chance to let loose and party, but something about this feels off. It is like everyone here was worshipping Lisa...

Natalie is there sitting in the corner, acting awkward, so Rose walks over and starts up a conversation, only to be interrupted by Xander, who drunkenly asks Rose what it's like to have a Moroi feed off her. OH NO. You don't mention blood whores around Lissa. She's SUPER PISSED.

Uh oh, this is not the first Moroi party that has seen seniors take turns getting their bite on with a human feeder. But this time, Lissa is there, and has a real thing against blood transfusions without proper sterilization. She accios anger in one of the boys via her compulsion skills, and he trashes his room to pieces. FEEDER PARTY OVER. Will she snap again?


One good thing came out of that party: Aaron and Lissa are back together and Mia has been left out in the cold. However, Rose isn't so keen on the idea. Later that week, after watching Rose and Aaron make out for the tenth time that day, Rose decides to head over to Ms. Carmack's class to ask her some questions about elemental magic.

She's curious as to why St. Vladimir could heal the sick. No one knows for sure, but Moroi who have never specialized in one element, like Lissa, tended to heal the sick for some reason.

Rose asks about Ms. Karp, which makes Ms. Carmack clam up tighter than Bruce Springsteen's jeans. "Ms. Karp? She actually was one of those who never specialized." Yeah, then lost her damn mind!

Later, Rose grabs some time alone with the new Queen of Popular, Lissa, and demands she stop using compulsion now that she got back at Mia. Rose says she's in danger of becoming Ms. Karp, who used compulsion and healed the sick so much she went crazy and hurt herself. Just like Lissa has done.

But Lissa can't stop. She needs to socialize with the Royals. Keep her the family name relevant. Keep up with the Kardashians. After Rose begs some more, she agrees to stop using compulsion... for now.

On a rant-roll, Rose uses this opportunity to tell her how wrong Aaron is for her and that she's just using him get at Mia. Lissa is like, "welllllll, okay, yea." Rose, slapping her own head, said she would rather see Lissa with Christian.

A FUNNY THING HAPPENS ON THE WAY HOME: Rose runs into Christian. She admits that Lissa never badmouthed Christian and that, in fact, Rose thinks the two of them would make a good couple.

But Christian doesn't want to go near Lissa now that she is hanging with all the Royal students. Rose thinks they would be good together since, you know, they're both orphans. Wow Rose! Way to be the most depressing matchmaker ever. Lissa is right. Sometimes she really is a bummer.

Still, after Rose sews the seed of Lissa back in Christian's fallow fields, he mentions he may drop by to visit her. Did Rose make the right decision to come clean or is Christian still a dangerous mystery wrapped in sexy Strigoli clothing?

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