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100 Ways To Compliment Your Crush

100 Ways To Compliment Your Crush

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100. Say, "You look nice today." Duh. Easy.

99. Hide sticky notes saying things like, "Nice shirt," "You're cool," or "I like you." Note: First think, "Do I sound like a stalker?" If the answer is yes, come up with a different compliment.

98. Draw them a cool picture.

97. Not a good artist? Draw them a stick figure picture.

96. Steal a bite of their sandwich and then compliment their cooking.

95. Suddenly faint and then compliment their catching abilities. If they actually catch you.

94. Stand awkwardly close to him and when he asks what you're doing, tell him his hair smells good.

93. Cheer them on in whatever sport they play. (Netball: "Go for that hoop without a net!" Hockey: "Yeah! Do lots of zig zags!!")

92. Cheer them on while they read. If you're more into the book-reading type.

91. Buy her a bangerz necklace and tell her it made you think of her.

90. Pay others to also compliment them. 

89. Offer him a sip of your soda, then tell him he drinks it just like Beyonce in the commercials.

88. Pick them first for your dodgeball team.

87. Ask him how he spells his last name. Compliment his spelling skills.

86. Name the fetal pig you're dissecting after her.

85. Write an article about how great your crush is. Publish it in a full page spread in the school paper.

84. Applaud their parking job.

83. Dress like them. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

82. Hide your appreciation in a fortune cookie. 

81. Invite them to be on your debate team. Because they've always got "such great ideas."

80. Write a song called "100 compliments of you." Then dedicate it to her.

79. Ask her to sing "100 compliments of you" with you. Tell her her voice is "that of a bluebird."

78. Get a record deal, record "100 compliments to you." Then compliment her again in your Grammy's speech.

77. "Like" every single thing your crush posts on Facebook.

76. Discover land and claim it for them.

75. Win a million dollars playing the lottery and give them one million vending machine bouncy balls. A simple way to say he's great with money.  

74. Put your jacket around her shoulders. Then tell her how good she looks in that jacket. 

73. Start a spitting contest. Compare her spit splatters to famous works of art.

72. Tell her she's cool. 

71. Film an event that she's a part of, only creepily zoomed in on her face the whole time, so later she's like "Uhhh, what about my bro's wedding?." 

70. Scream, "I like you and I'm awesome, which makes you awesome!" while running down the school hallway. 

69. Ride their name into MapMyRides. Wear a helmet.

68. Write a sappy poem about your undying love for him and perform it in front of the entire school during the talent show.

67. Laugh at all their jokes. 

66. Ask them for the recipe to their lunch. 

65. Donate to his favorite charity in his honor. 

64. Pass her a note saying, "Good job!" every time she answers a question correctly in class. 

63. Dedicate a song to her on the radio. ALL THE SONGS.

62. Compliment him with your eyes only. Look at him like he's a living breathing jar of cookie butter.

61. Name a star after her. 

60. Ask her for help with your homework.

59. Tell her all the beautiful celebrities compare themselves to HER. 

58. Tell her you think it's really cool that he has a personal stylist. You know, because he looks so awesome he must have a fancy stylists who shops for him.

57.  Create a MadLib for her. Whenever I (__see/hear/smell/sense/touch/cook_) you, I see (___stars/grapefruits/darkness/smoke/zombies___).

56. Ask to borrow stuff from her. "Cool backpack. Me want." 

55. Ask her what's that intoxicating scent he's wearing. "Eau du soccer practice?"

54. Give him a cute nickname like "T-Bone" or "The Fresh."

53. Hire an artist to chisel a statue out of marble in her likeness. 

52. Ask her if she's the girl from the Pantene commercial. 

51. Sneak in a kiss. Then compliment her lipgloss flavor.

50. Make a him a playlist of songs that remind you of him. 

49. Tell her she's radiant. 

48. Compliment her personality. "You're the loudest talker in the whole school!"

47. Tell her she's smart. 

46. Yell, "That's my girl!" every time she plays a correct note on her flute during the recital. 

45. Stare at him. He'll figure the rest out.

44. Start a trending hashtag for her. #moniquemadridisawesome

43. Make a Build A Bear in his likeness. Carry it around with you everywhere.

42. Use magnetic word poetry on your locker. Write something new and nice about your crush everyday. 

41. Follow her and compliment her every move. "Good job walking... Ooh, nice door opening. Way to wash your hands!"

40. Learn to appreciate what he appreciates. Even if that means listening to dubstep.

39. Get a tattoo of her name on your arm. If your crushes change from week to week, get a tattoo sleeve!

38. Wear pajamas covered in the logos of her fav sports team. Pajama Day!

37. Anytime the teacher writes something on the board, run up the board, erase it and change it to say something nice about your crush. A month-long detention is the ultimate compliment.

36.  A Vine a day. Six-second tributes!

35. Star in a reality show called "Nobody Admires You As Much As Me."  

34. Put out a Craigslist ad listing your crush's address, asking people to mail compliments in.  

33. Comment on every Youtube video you watch with, "There's a guy I know that barely knows I exist and I have a huge crush on him." Hope he comes across it.

32. Buy a billboard and install a GIANT picture of your crush with the words, "GOT AWESOME?" Drive your crush down the highway.

31. Spell out your praise in Wendy's french fries. (Nothing says love like delicious fried foods.)

30. Personalized M&Ms!

29. Personalized underwear. 

28. Do something so incredible so that you get to meet the president. When he shakes your hand, talk about your crush. 

27. Arrange "You Are Awesome" to be chanted by cheerleaders.

26. Name your improv team after a shared in-joke.

25. Cheat off his math test. (Sparkitor's note: Don't cheat off his math test.)

24. Name a fake Greek god after them.

23. Become a Supreme Court Justice. Decree their birthday a national holiday. (This is not the actual job of the Supreme Court justices, but since they can't be fired, it'd be an easy way to get your way.)   

22. Give them your cold. Everyone likes presents!

21. Go to the arcade. Get the high score on Donkey Kong. Put in their initials. 

20. Create a new dance craze based on their walk.

19. Name your blog after them.

18. Name your dog after them. 

17. Name a log after them. 

16. Go to The Louvre and glue their yearbook photo over the Mona Lisa. 

15. Send him an email complimenting their teeth. One email per tooth.

14. Write fanfic about them where they are BFFs with their hero.  

13. Get Ben & Jerry's to name an ice cream flavor after them. 

12. Get their initial shaved into your hair. Underneath, of course. Or not.

11. Give a framed photo of your crush as a gift when you meet the Queen. 

10. Get Oprah to name you crush as one of her "Favorite Things." 

9. Hire aliens to make one of those creepy crop circles, only from an aerial view it's your crush's face. 

8. Make it into The Guinness World Record Book for how many times you say "You're beautiful." 

7. Change your outgoing voicemail message to being  just you talking about how much you admire your crush. Especially great for business lines!

6. Shave their name into a sheep. 

5. Sneak into their bedroom while they're gone and cover it in poster boards all singing their praises. Note: This is creepy. Probably not the best way to go about it.

4. Glitter!

3. Make one of those tear off tab signs with each tab containing a different compliment to him. Hang on all the telephone poles in the neighborhood.

2. Become President. Name him as your "First Gentleman."

1. Make your crush a "100 Ways To Compliment Your Crush" list. 

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