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The SparkLife Guide To Prom Bag Essentials

The SparkLife Guide To Prom Bag Essentials

As the big night inches closer and closer, you’ve probably gotten more prepared—sure, you’ve got your dress picked out, a hair appointment booked, restaurant table reserved, date prepared, and boutonniere ordered, but do you know what you’re carrying with you? Emma Watson carries a Tide To-Go pen with her, Kristen Bell hid an entire burrito in her purse at the Oscars, and JLaw kept a Slim Jim close at hand. We have used their celebrity insight to create our ultimate Sparkler guide to prom-bag essentials, from the uber important to the somewhat extravagant. Enjoy, and always be prepared!


If you’re carrying a small clutch:

  • prom ticket
  • mini peppermint toothbrush
  • five bobby pins
  • two safety pins
  • 1-2 floss picks
  • mirror
  • lipstick/lip stain
  • I.D.
  • cash
  • credit/debit card (just in case)
  • keys
  • phone

If you’re carrying a small purse:

  • Everything listed above
  • blush
  • eyeliner
  • concealer
  • stain-removing pen
  • snacks, like seaweed papers and trail mix
  • hand sanitizer
  • a cool camera for video and photo

If you’re carrying a carpet bag:

  • everything listed above
  • all your makeup
  • a curling iron
  • a hair straightener
  • a blow dryer
  • a round brush
  • a submarine sandwich
  • a bag of chips
  • a bottle of water
  • lotion
  • nail polish strips

If you’re carrying a large box:

  • everything listed above
  • your Spanish homework
  • an old-timey camera
  • a karaoke machine
  • a puppy
  • a cake
  • a yoga mat

And that covers it! What are you carrying in your bag to prom? What did we miss?

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