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Fro-Yo, Tornadoes, & the Thrill of the Hunt: Emma Goes to PRAHM!

Fro-Yo, Tornadoes, & the Thrill of the Hunt: Emma Goes to PRAHM!

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THE HUNTING PARTY: Three valiant and skilled huntresses (April, our other bestie Avani, and myself)

THE LOCATION: A long and perilous voyage through the chiffon jungle (a prom dress store 30 minutes away)

THE TARGET: THE ONE! (the perfect prom dress)

The hunting party set out Friday afternoon with fresh faces, bright eyes, and their tracking instincts set on high. They arrived in the chiffon jungle ready to elbow aside the competition and bargain their way to better prices. However, they were unprepared for the vastness of the forest. Trees of various heights, colors, and species stood tightly packed. Any clump could be hiding THE ONE. The huntresses scavenged through the available specimens and found several that seemed promising. However, upon closer examination, these contenders were not in fact THE ONE. The huntresses left slightly disappointed, but they still enjoyed the thrill of the hunt.

Okay: real talk, y’all. Prahm dress stores are kinda scary. Hence the hunting metaphor (did I lose you for a minute?) At the store we visited, they had the dresses split into short on one side and long on the other, and then organized by color and size. Sounds helpful, right? Yeah, right. Upon closer examination, most of the dresses were 00s or 14+s. Sifting through the relatively small selection of 4s, I only found two dresses to try on: a purple A-line with a flower detail at the top and a lace-up back, and a black-and-white ball gown with a black tulle skirt and a white bodice with black beading in a swirl pattern.

After navigating a terrifying fitting room attendant and an overcomplicated line procedure, I finally got to try on both dresses...which was a challenge in itself. The purple dress didn’t fit that well, wasn’t super flattering for my body shape, and didn’t look as pretty as it had on the hanger. The black and white dress was cute, but unfortunately the fit was slightly off and it was out of my price range. Avani found a gorgeous red mermaid dress that really complimented her figure, but it was also too expensive. April tried on a beautiful light blue empire that was really pretty on her, and a lilac gown with a stitched flower pattern on the bodice that was absolutely stunning, but… can you guess? Too much moolah! By this point, we figured the store was out of our price range and decided to head off to dinner.

But the danger wasn't over yet, Sparklers! On our drive back, I looked out the window and noticed the sky was orange. ORANGE. I believe our conversation after that went something like this:

Me: “Uhhh guys, does the sky look orange to you? Isn’t that, like, the sign of a tornado?”

April: “Ummm yeah, it does...”

Avani: “Uhhh, I’m sure it’s fine, just stay calm and focus on driving!”

Me: “Okay, I’m sure it’s just the sunset or something.”

*Five minutes later*

Me: “Does that cloud over there look like a funnel cloud to you guys?”

Avani: “Which one? … OH. THAT ONE. YEAH.”


Me: “GREAT.”

April: “Do you think we should pull over?”

Me: “No, I think we should just keep driving until we get back to town so we have somewhere to take cover. If anything touches down we’ll stop.”

Avani: “Yes, the cloud looks better and less funnel-like from this angle.”

When we got back to town and went out for fro-yo, April and Avani informed me that actually, there had been a tornado watch, and they had been downplaying how freaked out they were. IN FACT, they'd been snapchatting back and forth about how scared they were! But, you know what? It was worth it. Because prom. And THE ONE. And fro-yo. Or should I say… YOLO?

Have you ever braved a tornado to get the perfect prom dress?

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