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31 Signs You Went to a School With a Uniform

31 Signs You Went to a School With a Uniform

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If you’re lucky enough to be able to wear jeans every day, you might not be able to fathom a lifestyle that revolves around tartan and neck ties, but if you've spent time inside a uniform-ocracy, you'll recognize these 22 classic symptoms of uniformity!

  1. You've laid out your clothes two nights ahead of a non-uniform day.
  2. It's not "yellow" and "maroon," it's "gold" and "crimson."
  3. You never buy black bras, because that's a white-shirt disaster waiting to happen.
  4. Outside of your uniform, you only own sweatpants and pajama bottoms. (When you finally go to college, be prepared to have to buy a whole new wardrobe—this summer may be a good time to apply for a job, huh?!)
  5. You have asked a public school girlfriend if she has anything you can borrow for a big weekend thang, since you don’t even remember what cute clothes look like anymore.
  6. You know how to hem your skirt exactly 12 cm above the knee... and then roll the waistband until it's 20cm above the knee.
  7. Your mom's wardrobe is more "on-trend" than you—in your world, “shopping” consists of you getting clothes from your cousins.
  8. You didn’t know what jeggings were until you inherited your mom’s pair from the previous year.
  9. On weekends, you have found yourself unconsciously color-coordinating your tops and pants in a rival school's colors.
  10. If you spilled cornbread casserole on yourself at lunch, you always knew you could just go peruse the school’s lost and found for some replacement clothes.
  11. You routinely wear shorts under all of your skirts. Nobody needs to get a glimpse of your girl-stuff #amiright?
  12. You can read volumes into people's personality by what color of tiny, regulation earring studs they wear (max one stud per ear).
  13. You were elated when your school finally allowed for girls to wear trousers so you could really REALLY stop shaving your legs.
  14. You know at least three latin words, and you learned them all from your school's crest.
  15. You know that the fantasy of a school girl with knee high socks, a tailored cardigan, an over-the-knee skirt and heeled black shoes is just that—only a fantasy. In reality, platform shoes aren't allowed, and the socks go just high enough to emphasize your burly calves.
  16. You've rebeled by coloring the scuffed tips of your black Doc Martens dark red with a Sharpie.
  17. Your uniform smells like Bosco sticks, because you pretty much wash your skirt or pants about once a week.
  18. When you get a manicure, you usually have to opt for OPI’s plain old Marshmellow. You can FOGETTABOUT nail art!
  19. You can tie an ascot.
  20. Girls at your school are always trying to get away with yoga pants as trousers, which generally results in detention. Sometimes the extra comfort is worth it, especially if you spent the weekend gorging on the baked goods you were supposed to “sell” to raise money for the Mathletes.
  21. You just started making (and selling) your own unique headbands to give some color into your drab plaid life.
  22. Girls with ties are cool.
  23. Sweater vests aren't just for dads, they're worn by some of the greatest hotties to ever grace Planet Earth/the "brother" school to your "sister" single-sex academy.
  24. Instead of buying a bigger skirt for this school year, you just stopped buttoning up on the side.
  25. Saturday detentions were way worse for you, because anyone who saw you in uniform knew you were either a) attending detention, or b) representing your country in the Olympic torch relay.
  26. You know exactly where the line between "natural" hair color and "dyed" hair color lies.
  27. You've run into a teacher on the weekend, but they haven't recognized you.
  28. Piping is the height of cool.
  29. While it’s not a non-uniform day, Fridays are pretty BOSS because you’re allowed to wear your class sweatshirt. SENIORS, SENIORS! (CLAP,CLAP,CLAP,CLAP).
  30. When you finally do get to go to the mall for some shopping, you are either totally euphoric or completely overwhelmed. Either way, there is a 100% chance you will faint.
  31. You're secretly glad you don't have to worry about what to wear every day.

Did you own up to any of these signs?!

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