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IT'S FACE TIME: How to Get JLaw, Lupita, & Lea's Prom-Perfect Makeup!

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PROM SEASON IS UPON US, SPARKLEBUTTS, and though choosing the perfect gown will indubitably be your top priority, don't forget that adorning your FACIAL REGION is also highly important. There are countless ways to get gussied up for the big night, but lest you be overwhelmed with options, I narrowed the field down to five of my favorites, as worn by a few of my biggest girl crushes (SERIOUSLY, JLAW, TEXT ME BACK. I REALLY THINK WE MIGHT BE MEANT FOR EACH OTHER). Click through the slideshow to check out their gorgeous looks, and then hit the comments to tell me which one you're dying to steal for yourself!

A big thanks to and for allowing us to feature their product images!

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