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Writer Wars: the Price of Immortality

Writers, readers, reader-writers, and writer-readers, welcome to this week's Writer Wars! I've got a lot in store for you this week—some slides, some text, even fish. Fish. What more could you possibly want?

Last week's prompt asked you to write a story about a person with the gift (curse?) of eternal life, and dang if you didn't convey one clear truth: living forever is the worst. People dying, loves lost, ancient civilizations thinking you're a god—with the exception of the last one, it seems generally quite off-putting. The Sparklers' Choice Award of the batch goes to TheDoctor212, whose story of the immortal Swirly Man was cryptic, heartbreaking, and also an excellent read. Look for it later this week with accompanying illustrations!

Topics: Life
Tags: sparkler stories, fiction, short stories, writer wars, creative writing prompts

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