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5 Ways of Dealing With Rejection

5 Ways of Dealing With Rejection

Everyone gets rejected at some point or another. Benedict Cumberbatch, your coolest friend, Steven Spielberg, everyone. The only people who have never experienced the stomach punch of being turned down flat? Are people who have never tried to do anything. Don't be a try-nothing! Just keep a few tricks in your arsenal for dealing with rejection when it comes your way:

Help your rejector see things in a different light
Your crush doesn't think you have a future together? A simple solution is to show him/her the future...a future in which you could not be more together. A Powerpoint presentation depicting the two of you doing various romantic activities should do the trick: holding hands at the movies, moonlight skiing, splashing each other at the beach, and slow dancing are all must-have slides. Be sure to depict lots of hearts emanating from the attractive stick figure representing your crush, but only a few hearts emanating from the one standing in for you. This is a very important step: too many hearts coming from your avatar will send signals of neediness.

Deny, deny, deny
Did your friends all get hired at Super Fun Friend Hut!, while your only job summer job offer came from the No Fun Hard Work Warehouse? Simply show up at the Super Fun Friend Hut and say you work there! Tell them Steve hired you, or was it Linda? They'll never turn you away once they realize you're super fun AND a great friend.

Even though you filled out your entire application in crimson ink, explaining very clearly that your 4.0 GPA, 36 ACT score, and career as a documentary filmmaker all make you Harvard material, you still lost your spot to the world's only teenaged astrophysicist. While going the same route as we did with the Super Fun Friend Hut! could possibly here, who wants to represent a school that doesn’t want them? It's hard to believe when you're knee deep in college applications, but it's your work ethic and drive to accomplish that will get you places, not the name on your diploma (the school name. Your personal name is still kind of important).

Realize that sometimes it's just the world that's gone crazy
Your parents just nixed your request for the world's cutest puppy. Take a deep breath, remind yourself that life will still have meaning without a little fluffy corgi following you around everywhere, and imagine all the things you wouldn't have been able to do had a dog taken over your life. Haven't you ever noticed all the “NO CORGIS ALLOWED” signs covering the country? And wasn't it odd when, upon asking if you could bring a dog to your friend's birthday party, her mom responded, “As long as it’s not a corgi, dear.” Anti-corgites everywhere!

Remember that sometimes it's just a matter of opinion
This is a sticky situation, and often comes up when it's someone's artwork or writing that's up for judgment. Even the slightest hint of distaste toward a temperamental artist’s work may be construed as a demand that they give it all up and prepare for life in a cubicle. At the same time, how are we supposed to improve without that random someone (WHO ARE THEY TO JUDGE!) helping us hone our craft? As much as you may wish a year’s worth of gum into that honest human’s hair, they're the ones you'll be thanking at the ribbon cutting for your own wing at the MoMA.

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