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Enter the SparkNotes Yearbook Awards Now for a Chance to Win a $300 Visa Gift Card!

Enter the SparkNotes Yearbook Awards Now for a Chance to Win a $300 Visa Gift Card!

Sparklers and Masterminds,

You are cordially invited to participate in THE 6TH ANNUAL SPARKNOTES YEARBOOK AWARDS! BOOM. CAN YOU FEEL THE HEAT?  Turn off the burner.

"What is the SparkNotes Yearbook Awards?" you are currently shouting.

Well! It's a contest! Here's what happens: You submit photos or video for one or more of 10 superlatives plus a brief description of why you should win for each chosen category, then we post submissions to SparkNotes and let users vote for their favorite entries. Winners receive a $300 Visa gift card and the knowledge that they are RENOWNED by SparkNotes fans worldwide. NOT BAD, METHINKS. 

Here are the categories for 2014!

  1. Best Eyes
  2. Best Hair
  3. Most Stylish
  4. Biggest Nerd
  5. Best Performance Artist (video category!)
  6. Best Celeb Look-a-like
  7. Sparkliest Sparkler
  8. Best Fan Art
  9. Craftiest
  10. Best Cosplay

"Cool, but what is Sparkliest Sparkler?" you are now asking your pet cat. Well! We know that SparkLife is a community more than a competition, but we wanted to create a category that focuses on the amazing teens and college kids who contribute to the SparkLife vibe we love. This category is for you—and we hope you'll apply and vote for Sparklers who shape the SparkLife forum in positive ways.

You have from now until May 5 to apply, and you can submit one entry to as many categories as you like. NOTE: To prevent fraud, we're requiring your face to be in all photos. For example, if you're showing off a bracelet you made (Craftiest) or a Doctor Who drawing you did (Fan Art), please hold up your entry rather than just photographing the entry on it's own.

So, are you ready?!?! Read the Official Rules HERE and enter the 2014 SparkNotes Yearbook Awards HERE.

Good luck!


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