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The Pros and Cons of Prom Updos and Downdos

The Pros and Cons of Prom Updos and Downdos

Over the years, prom has morphed from a kind of hokey end-of-an-era, feel-good send-off that takes place in a sockish-smelling-gym to a high school wedding fit for broadcast on an over-the-top TLC show. With all the more details and planning that goes into these things now, teenagers all over the world are left to make terrifying decisions on their own like, Who will I trick into asking me to prom? What the hizzeck will I wear? And of course the ever-burning question, What should I do with my hair?!?!?

While you stress over increasing prom ticket prices and scour the internet for the cheapest limo you can cram all your “group” in, we’re going to take care of the hail dilemma. This isn’t that hard, you’ve essentially got TWO choices: wear it up or leave it down. If you can’t decide between the two after reading our pros and cons, you should shave your head completely due to your indecisiveness. (Or resolve to wear it half up.)


Wearing your hair up gets your hair out of your face, leaving others to gawk at your other stunning features (your doe eyes and pretty teeth) and other prom accessories, like shimmering earrings and a flawless freaking make-up job with bold red lip.

Everyone is so used to seeing you with long greasy hair that seeing you with your classy updo takes your date's breath away. He exclaims that he barely recognizes you (in a good way). This also gives you an in to play mysterious stranger to the guy who you wished had taken you to prom.

With an updo, your hair will stay in place while you bust major moves on the dance floor.

If you wear your hair up in a simple French twist, you might be mistaken for Audrey Hepburn.

If you wear your hair up, your date will have easy access to your neck, where the kisses belong.

The focus is on your dramatic eye makeup and fine bone structure (LOOK AT MY SKULL SHAPE, Y'ALL.)


Wearing your hair up exposes the nape of your neck, but are napes in? Will people see all the double chins? What about your ugly, ugly soul? (YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, DO NOT BELIEVE THE CRAZY VOICES YOU HEAR!) Still, you can hide more with that head of hair.

It will also be pretty easy for him to give you a wet willy.

You might feel too Downton Abbey and not enough like yourself, if you never wear your hair up.

All. That. Hairspray.


Wearing your hair down may make you think twice before attempting the worm, therefore keep you from risking a wardrobe malfunction.

Wearing your down in long, flowing waves leaves other girls nominated for prom queen filled with envy.

If you wear your hair down, you won’t need to remove 4,237 bobby pins from your hair the next day.

Wearing your hair down is cheaper and you will probably save $60 bucks or so if you don’t need to head to a salon.

You can show off your ombre.

You benefit from mermaid mystique (totally a thing; guys cannot resist).


Your hair is pulled up so tight that you faint in the middle of the “Cupid Shuffle” and never manage find your knight in shining armor.

Your hair is easier for rivals to pull when you go up to accept your crown as Prom Queen.

You won’t get to gossip with the hair dresser the morning of prom and hear about how she went to prom with her gym teacher. The scandal!

If you wear your hair down like you do every day, people might mistake for the girl who shakes her dandruff onto her desk during algebra (which may or may not really be you on the regular).

You might burn yourself with your straightener, leaving you with a burn on your forehead. Weird—it kind of looks like the Upper Peninsula.

Are you learning toward up or down for prom?

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