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Quiz: Will Your Best Friendship Survive The Hop To College?

Quiz: Will Your Best Friendship Survive The Hop To College?

Graduation is coming up, and you might be super-stressin' over the love of your life, aka your bestest buddy!!! Will you or won't you... stay BFFs? Take our quiz to find out! 

When you and your biffle first started discussing college together, you said…
b. “Meh, it’s not like we’re married to each other. You pick the school you like, and I’ll pick the one I like.”
c. “I hope we go to the same school, but if not, we’ll always stay friends forever.”
d. “I know we probably won’t go to the same school, but I’ve made you a calendar with all the dates you need: Summer Break 2014, Labor Day Weekend Party 2014, Fall Break Trip To Cedar Falls 2014, Thanksgiving Family Meld Potluck 2014, Christmas and New Year Friendship Binge 2014, President’s Day Retreat 2015, Spring Break Getaway 2015… so we’re all set!”
e. Nothing. We didn’t discuss it.

You view high school graduation as…
a. The saddest day of your life.
b. Complete freedom.
c. Bittersweet. You’re looking forward to college, but will miss so much about high school.
d. Another moment to spend and celebrate with your BFF. Oh, the photo opps. Oh, the Facebook likes!
e. The greatest day of your life.

You’re majoring in…
a. Drama or literature
b. Pre-med or engineering
c. Architecture or graphic design
d. Online journalism or digital marketing
e. Undecided

What’s your BFF’s most annoying quality?
a. She has to be friends with everyone… too much of a people-pleaser.
b. Late all the time
c. Kind of a flake
d. She doesn’t share the same passions
e. Too passionate about everything

Which of these thoughtful gestures are you likely to do for your bestie?
a. A town parade to celebrate her awesomeness
b. A surprise party for a random occasion
c. Cute handmade cards on birthdays and holidays
d. A YouTube video with a song you wrote to tell her you miss her sooooo much
e. A message on her Facebook wall for her birthday.

How did you do?

Mostly A’s: You guys will stay BFFs 4EVR EVR EVR, if for no other reason than your deep devotion. Keep the dramatics on a low, and the communication high, and you’ll be okay!

Mostly B’s: You and your bestie will be bestie-westies at least through college, so no need to sweat it now. You’re a great friend and will keep up to the best of your abilities.

Mostly C’s: You will stay friends, but probably not best friends. You’ll think of and communicate with your friend when you can, but it’s likely you’ll be tied up with new friends and studying!

Mostly D’s: You might not stay friends, because your desperation might turn her off. Tone it down a little, and expand your horizons. There is life after high school, we promise!

Mostly E’s: Probably not, but you won’t really care. You’re pretty go-with-the-flow and low drama, and you’re sure to find a new best buddy who shares your interests and hobbies.

Are you worried about your friendships post-graduation?

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