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Most Excellent and Honest Beauty Tutorial Ever Made

Most Excellent and Honest Beauty Tutorial Ever Made

YouTube / smoothiefreak

This is so great. So many makeup tutorials are made to look so easy, mainly because the beauty guru is well, a guru. And they've done this to their face a million times. There is no way you can put on liquid eye liner unless you have the muscle memory! There isn't! Anyway, check out this awesome comedian Akilah putting make up on her amazing face like a real person, with her normal cosmetics!

The best things about this video:

"This is a face primer that I was told would do something cool to my skin, it hasn't. But I spent $40 so I use it to validate the purchase."

>She uses a crummy brush, with cheap hairs that fall off on to her face. "SHE IS ME." You'll say to yourself while watching this video.

She doesn't know what kind of mascara she's using because the labels have worn off most of the products from dedicated use. YES. THAT HAPPENS.

She doesn't know the names of the different eye shadows she uses because SHE DOESN'T HAVE TO.

She has to work hard not to open her mouth when putting on mascara. SHE IS EVERY WOMAN.

Best thing in the whole video is the little piece of plastic from the tag still attached to her Forever 21 makeup bag.

Oh, and she nails the liquid eyeliner portion. She really IS a guru.

Is this the truth you've waited for your whole life?

[via Jezebel]

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