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It's the First Day of Spring! Here's How to Celebrate

It's the First Day of Spring! Here's How to Celebrate

As of today, spring is officially here! Finally we can put away our winter coats and enjoy the great outdoors! Wait, there's still snow on the ground. And it’s barely over twenty degrees. Was that a snow leopard that just ran by? Sadly, the spring equinox does not necessarily mark the magical transformation of our shivering lives into a four-month long scantily clad celebration, where the only shadows any groundhogs see come from the endless confetti falling from the sky. Until the weather permits us to strip down to our party pants (like regular pants, but short), here's what you can do in celebration of SPRIIIIING:

  1. “Like” spring on Facebook
  2. Spring out of bed early to check the weather (nope, still cold)
  3. Punch a snowman
  4. Yell at the snow to get off your lawn
  5. Dropkick your earmuffs into a closet
  6. Lick flagpoles defiantly
  7. Donate to your favorite ice melting charity
  8. Wish that “tropical storm” meant an unstoppable onslaught of palm trees and sandy beaches
  9. Rewrite definition of “tropical storm” in all available dictionaries
  10. Cross out “polar” and “vortex” in all available dictionaries
  11. Add “Equatorial Sun-Laser” to all available dictionaries
  12. Cuddle squirrels and reassure them it’s almost over
  13. Turn on your fan and shout motivational phrases into it
  14. Coax the sun closer
  15. Vow to traipse through life until it’s warmer—at which point you will gallop!
  16. Skulk past security at the weather station
  17. Warm up the Earth by twisting the weather station's temperature knob (you know they've got one)
  18. Cast spells on the weather forecaster
  19. Realize the weather forecaster is actually not responsible for this winter
  20. Raise an eyebrow, still suspicious of that squirrely weather forecaster

 What are you doing to celebrate the first day of spring?

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