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You Can Have Your Own Twin for Just $28,550!

You Can Have Your Own Twin for Just $28,550!

By Janet Manley

Just when you had written off printers as lame and "so twentieth century" (or "so fifteenth century" if you're Johannes Gutenberg), along comes Pinla3D, a Chinese company that will scan you and Xerox out a plastic replica for just $28,550—truly a low, low price for narcissism realized.

Before you go drowning in your own reflection, there are a few hooks: You have to actually go to China to be scanned, but if you're already there, you can say goodbye to your loved ones and embark on a life partnership with yourself. If you don't have $30K at your disposal, negotiate a higher rate of pocket money, or save up for the $160 12.5 inch version. That way, you can carry you around in your pocket!

A word of warning, if your printed replica gets jammed in the 3D printer, you may feel referred pain and/or find your actual live torso severed in half. *may* (This is a scientific risk, according to a mysterious man on a riverboat in Louisiana.)

If you go for the 12-inch version, you'll have something to press up against this Jon Snow doll... If you go for the full-size version, you'll have something to stand alongside your life-size Ron Weasley cutout. IT IS YOURS TO DECIDE!

Would you like a life-size twin? Who would you like to go with your plastic doppleganger?

[via The Creators Project]

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