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Introducing the Beautiful, Badass Cast of Divergent!

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On the off chance that you live in an abandoned ham factory and haven't been on the interwebs in years, let me catch you up on the state of affairs here at SparkLife: WE'VE ALL BEEN INFECTED WITH DIVERGENT FEVER, AND THE ONLY CURE IS MORE DIVERGENT. Yep, the book series-turned-blockbuster-franchise has us hooked, and we're waiting with bated breath until the first film hits theaters in JUST 9 DAYS. To make the wait a little less torturous, we figured we'd put together a slideshow of all our favorite Divergent characters—sure, most of you probably already know 'em all by heart, but just in case there are any Di-virgins floatin' around (I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF FOR INVENTING THAT JOKE!!!), this will serve as a spectacular introduction. So settle into your oppressive faction (or don't, you little rebel you) and let the glorious hotness of this cast wash over you—then hit the comments to tell me who you're crushing on the hardest! (I DIBS PETER. PETER IS MINE.)

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