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A Doodle Story: Or, Where Our Brains Go When We're Bored

By Bo Larkin Mar 13, 2014

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While school is cool (according to this "stay in school" poster we just read), it's not easy to focus on Lewis and Clark when you could instead be filling up an entire sheet of notebook paper trying to draw a perfect circle (IT IS HARD). Ever gotten wrapped up in a doodle masterpiece when you should've been discussing Watership Down, knowing that SparkNotes would be here to welcome you/tell you all you need to know about rabbit politics? And then suddenly you look down and realize the margin in your notebook is filled with 500 drawings of yourself eating a burrito? Just as your whimsical doodling may have gotten you here, so has ours. We now present A Doodle Story, inadvertently created during a recent meeting in the Sparkagon.

Topics: Life
Tags: weird things, stories, doodles, funny things, illustrated slideshows, nonsense

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