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What Could Have Given a Seven-Year-Old the Blues?

What Could Have Given a Seven-Year-Old the Blues?


Seven-year-old Angelina Jordan Astar blew away the judges on Norway's Got Talent (and nice cross-country trails) when she sang a powerful rendition of Billie Holiday's "Gloomy Sunday."

A little SparkNote on Billie Holiday: She was a blues/jazz singer with a stunning voice and a very, very difficult life. Growing up, her single mother was often away (Billie was raped on one occasion by a family friend). She became a prostitute at 13, and was jailed until she was 14. At nineteen, Billie was kicked out of home after getting pregnant. She began singing in Harlem and found an escape, collaborators and a new life (and name) through performing in jazz clubs. Ya know, typical seven-year-old stuff.

Little Angelina does a pretty good imitation of the worldly Billie Holiday, but we have to wonder what has her so bummed out that she feels like wailing the blues. A few possibilities:

  • Recess was cut short due to rain.
  • She is not a fan of the new SAT format.
  • She wants ombre hair, but her mom won't let her.
  • Norway's Got Talent was Angelina's second choice, after American Idol.
  • Her hands are too small to play the guitar.
  • People are co-opting celiac disease because they think it's fun to eat gluten-free, causing a laxity of standards that can damage actual celiacs.
  • She has to wait another SIX MONTHS until the next Hunger Games.
  • Boy troubles.

How a seven-year-old was able to sing "Gloomy Monday" so well is a mystery, but check out the amazing girl in action:

What do you think of precocious talent that fakes the tone of real-life suffering?

[via: Gawker]

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