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Help Us Decide on This Year's Yearbook Awards Categories!

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Help Us Decide on This Year's Yearbook Awards Categories!

Our annual Yearbook Awards is approaching!

For the uninitiated, the Yearbook Awards is a contest in which SparkNotes readers submit photos or video of themselves (with 100 words on why they should win) for one or more superlative categories. Readers vote on their faves, and the winners receive cash or gift card prizes. This year, we're looking to have 6-10 categories, and we'd love your help deciding which ones.

Below is our list of potential categories. Let us know your favorites in the comments, and feel free to tell us if you have any category ideas, too!

  1. Best Dressed
  2. Best Sparkler
  3. Best Hair
  4. Best Dancer
  5. Coolest Room
  6. Craftiest/Best DIY
  7. Best Fan Art
  8. Biggest Fanboy/Fangirl
  9. Best Senior Picture Photo Prop
  10. Best Celebrity Look-a-Like
  11. Best Cosplay
  12. Most Likely to Save the World
  13. Best Eyes

Thanks for your help, Sparklers and Masterminds. We're excited to make the 6th Annual SparkNotes Yearbook Awards the MOST AMAZING ONE YET!

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