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Don't Call Beyonce "Bossy"! This Video Is for YOU, Sparklers!

Don't Call Beyonce "Bossy"! This Video Is for YOU, Sparklers!

Queen Bey, along with some other notable celebs, have joined Sheryl Sandberg in her campaign to "Ban Bossy." If you're a double-X-chromosomed-type who has ever tried to take charge in a group project or stuck to her guns in a disagreement, you may have been called "bossy" one time or another. Maybe this didn't bother you, but it bothers Facebook chief operating officer and Lean In author Sheryl Sandberg, who says the word bossy keeps young girls from striving for leadership roles.

You might be like, "sticks and stones, yo, words don't hurt!" but you probably haven't been turned into a moon by the New York Times on account of your "influence." The general flow of events for female leaders is:

  1. Break through wall of gender bias existing in your industry
  2. Manage to possibly have a family and keep your career
  3. Convince those under you to treat you with respect
  4. Attain respect
  5. Hit glass ceiling
  6. Swiftly be written off as "bossy" for fulfilling your role as boss

Don't take our word for it, check this awesome public awareness campaign!

So much feminine power! Condeleezza Rice! Jane Lynch! Jennifer Garner! Diane Von Furstenberg! Beyonce! The NASCAR guy!

This might seem like a "corporate world blah blah" issue, but MARK OUR WORDS, geniuses, this will be something you confront in just a few years when you are out in the workforce trying to make your mark.

We're so inspired by all these ladies that we came up with some replacements for the word "bossy" that we think Bey would approve of. Use them anywhere someone might write you off as "bossy," a la "I'm not bossy, I'm ___"

"The most awesome"



"The toughest and fairest ruler of them all"

"Lady at the top"


"Miss in charge"


"The flyest"


"Chief genius"

"A survivor/Queen of the midriff"


"The consummate professional"

"An independent woman"


"The master"

"The boss"

(YouTube/Lean In)

Any questions, Manklers?



What do you think about the word "bossy"?

[Via Crushable]

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