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Blogging Vampire Academy, Part 4: Chapters 7 & 8

Blogging Vampire Academy, Part 4: Chapters 7 & 8

Last time on Blogging Vampire Academy, we learned that Lissa’s chief antagonist/shirt hater, Mia, is not from royal blood like she claims, and that the hot boy born from two Strigoi parents, Christian, is back on campus. Sparks flew between various alums, and we learned what the Guardian program was (it's not simply an AP mentoring program, as we thought). Now, on to Chapter 7!


A couple of weeks have passed and Rose and Lissa are getting back into the Montana Vampire Academy groove. Rose's life consists of a) lunch, b) church and c) Lissa, who has stayed away from the Royal kids just like Rose demanded. Everything seems to be getting back to normal and the Amazing Woodgoing Duo have fallen off the social radar.

Rose has gotten stronger from all her practice sessions, and her relationship with Dimitri is getting richer and richer every day. One day she found him sprawled out in the gym reading a Louis L'Amour book and listening to Prince's "When Doves Cry." This is beginning to feel more and more like an ‘80s teen comedy with every page. Is John Hughes pulling strings from behind the veil of mortality? Will Ferris Bueller make an appearance and teach all the students how to enjoy the small things in life? These are questions that may never find answers.

Dimitir, in his best John Cusack impression, quizzes Rose on what she would do if she and Lissa were attacked by the Strigoi at the mall (not making this up). Rose says she'd use a silver stake, but Dimitri reminds her that stakes are reserved for senior Guardians only. Strigoi can also be killed by decapitation or fire. Unfortunately for Rose, Dimitri doesn't want Rose using any of those methods right now. If she sees a Strigoi, she should run. (To Pac Sun?)

Speaking of running, that's exactly what Dimitri makes her do: they put in some laps together on the track. Mason and some other boys are running as well and immediately get to—you guessed it—flirting. Dimitri makes a comment about how easily distracted Rose is so she hits the afterburners and crosses the finish line a full two minutes faster than before. She'll do anything to prove Dimitri wrong. ANYTHING. (sink)

Cut to Rose, whose mind hurdles into Lissa's brain as Lissa frantically tears down a staircase looking for Rose's help... something happened!

Rose runs to the Moroi dorm, where she finds Lissa crying. They grab Ms. Kirova, Dimitri and two other guardians and head to Lissa's room, where they discover a dead fox on Lissa's bed. Gross. The fox’s throat has been slit as a warning to Lissa not to act so foxy (my guess). Lissa is scared and thinks it has something to with "something that happened" while Rose and her were on the run. Someone knows! What happened before!?

Dimitri escorts Rose back to her room and asks her if she knows who is responsible. She doesn’t know and we don’t know!!! Rose briefly wonders if Mia is the fox-hound, but decides Mia couldn't be that cruel. Or could she? Rose is pissed that Lissa is in danger and wants to begin her training as a fighter immediately.


With anger as her fuel, Rose begins kicking ass in combat training. Mason is impressed and asks how Lissa is doing since the prank. Does Mason know anyone who could of done this? It seems cray that Mason finds it hard to believe anyone at school could have done such a thing, even the freak Mia. Well, that lead went dry.

At lunch, Natalie won't shut up about the damn fox (NOT WHILE WE’RE EATING, NATALIE!), so Rose pulls Lissa away to see how she is coping. She can't stop thinking about that ONE THING that happened to them while they were away. Rose doesn't want to talk about it. [This is so obviously a clue, but Richelle Mead is being coy and hiding behind Rose's character. Come on Richelle! Get to it!] Jesse strolls over to ask Rose if she wants to study later. Rose accepts, but doesn't want to "study." Man, her hormones recovered from Fox-gate quickly! WEIRDO.

Later in Animal Behavior class (Vampire zoologists?) the professor explains the hierarchy of wolves, including how the alpha wolf will sometimes be challenged by a younger wolf. Mia raises her hand and asks if wolves adhere to the same behaviors, of oh, I don't know, FOXES. OH NO SHE DI'N’T!

The students then pair off and some dummy named Ralf Sarcozy walks up and asks if Rose killed the fox herself to convince Ms. Kivora that she's insane and sends her away from school again. "Screw you," Rose shoots back. "Are you offering?" Ralf replies, basically calling her a slut in front of the whole class. He then accuses Lissa and Rose of killing the fox together in some sort of weird, lesbian voodoo ritual. [I mean, it's a valid question]. But he can't even finish the word voodoo before he BURSTS INTO FLAMES! (This book is better than WWF wrestling, sometimes.)

The class screams in horror as the teacher empties a fire extinguisher onto Ralf’s inquisitive body, but, just as suddenly as they appeared, the flames disappear, leaving Ralf completely unharmed. Christian Ozera, the Strigoi son with the power of fire, sits laughing in the corner. GOOD POKERFACE, CHRISTIAN. Great prank! The teacher sends him directly to Ms. Kivora's office. (Using magic against another student is strictly prohibited.)

After class, Rose confronts Lissa about Christian, asking if they have been hanging. They have, in fact. Rose is pissed. She thinks Lissa and Christian are having a fling, but Lissa denies it.

As Rose is studying in her dorm later on, she feels a tingle of "sneakiness" coming from Lissa's bond. Rose has never done it before, but she decides to concentrate to see if she can control her leap into Lissa's mind. After a few moments of meditation, Rose makes the connection (faster than dial-up!). What will she find Lissa doing? Hopefully getting naked… [I mean this book talks about it enough!]

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