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Target Photochopped This Model's Essential Body Parts

Target Photochopped This Model's Essential Body Parts

Thigh gap? So last year. Bikini bridge? So last month. When it comes to strange and unattainable body ideals from the folks in fashion marketing, there's a hot new trend in town… only this one is unattainable in the literal sense of the world, as opposed to "attainable only for the very small and naturally protruding-of-hipbone." Girls, behold your new obsession:


That's right! From now on, we must all aspire to have a yawning chasm of strangely-geometric negative space where our bejeezus used to be, as demonstrated by this model from the Target website. Obviously, this girl achieved her Crotch Choppage through the help of some hamfisted photoshopping; in real life, we will all have to make do with vacuum-sealed underpants and a whole lotta duct tape.

Or, y'know, perhaps Target could get really crazy, and just let the poor girl model their swimwear without sacrificing her essential body parts to the sweet baby deity of digital manipulation? (In addition to the indignities visited upon her upper thigh area, this model also looks to have lost substantial portions of her arm and hip to a sloppy photo editor; you can still see leftover bits of her original bod near her elbow and up by her armpit.) Other online retailers of swimwear and lingerie have already wised up to the fact that girls would rather see their clothes modeled on actual humans, not franken-photo creations with digitally-deleted genitals. Not to mention, no lady in her right mind would purchase a swimsuit that made her crotch actually look like that. We've got standards too, Target, and having the nether regions of a Barbie doll isn't among them.

What do you think? Does Target's crotch choppage bother you? Or will you, too, aspire to have a rectangular netherspace?

[via The Ethical Adman]

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