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When Is It Okay to Hit a Paparazzi?

When Is It Okay to Hit a Paparazzi?

Next to boxers, police officers and stand up comedians, paparazzi get hit in the face more than practitioners of any other profession. Most of the time they're asking for it (who wants to have some guy creeping in the bushes) but sometimes it's the celebrity who's gone to far. You'd be amazed how many celeb have served up a knuckle sandwich to the paps—Chris Martin, Chris Brown (well), and Sam Worthington are just some of the famouses who have cracked under the pressure of constant public attention. Take a look at these famous paparazzi punches and decide for yourself whether they got what they deserved.

Justin Bieber

During a June 2013 trip to Miami, Justin went on a paparazzi rampage, sending his henchmen (aka bodyguards) after two paparazzi to rough them up and steal their SIM cards. One was violently choked and filed charges! The Bieb's a criminal mastermind. Like the Joker, but less likable.

Reason: The paps were taking photos of you being a d-bag.

Verdict: Not Okay To Punch Them

Britney Spears

This gal definitely knows how to make a hit, it just usually doesn't involve a paparazzi's car. After spiraling into the dark, shaved-head abyss that was 2007, Britney attacked a paparazzi, smashing his car with an umbrella. Take about dark clouds! Even Rihanna doesn't like umbrella-ella-ellas that much.

Reason: Shaved head, exacerbated personal issues.

Verdict:  Okay to Attack a Car!

Kayne West

He is a god... at jumping paparazzi. Back in 2008, Kanye racked up three misdemeanor charges after he was arrested for attacking a photographer at LAX and smashing his camera on the floor. The charges were eventually dropped, but Kanye had to serve 50 hours of community service. Those hours included telling sick kids what a genius he was.

Reason: Taking pictures of your haggard travel face.

Verdict: Not Okay to Punch Them!

Lindsay Lohan

Back in 2008, while walking up to the Bowery Hotel in New York, Lindsay tripped over a barricade and fell face-first onto the sidewalk. Thinking a nearby paparazzo had done it (and not what ever wobble juice was in her system) she decided to go up and sock him right in the face. Nice girl!

Reason: Embarrassed for high-fiving the pavement with your face.

Verdict: Not Okay to Punch Them!

Alec Baldwin

He may be leaving New York, but he sure made his mark on several paparazzi while living in the Big Apple. Back in 2012, as he and his fiance Hilaria were exiting the City's marriage license bureau, Alec launched into "an eruption of mad" and shoved a photog to the ground. He then went on Twitter to suggest #allpaparazzishouldbewaterboarded. Classy.

Reason: Taking pictures of you and your fiance on the sidewalk.

Verdict: Not Okay! Even if you are Alec Baldwin.

Where would you draw the line on paparazzi-punching?

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