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Love SparkLife, Writing, and Prom? PERFECT, YOU NOW WORK FOR ME.

Love SparkLife, Writing, and Prom? PERFECT, YOU NOW WORK FOR ME.

HULLO, DEAREST SPARKLEBUTTS! I have very exciting news for you, and it has nothing to do with my impending nuptials to Joseph Gordon-Levitt (BUY YOUR TUXEDO NOW SO YOU CAN GET A HEAD-START ON BEDAZZLING IT!) or the time machine that Janet Manley and I have been crafting in the SparkLife basement (just 300 more gigabyte-nitric-flourescents and we will be able to go BACK TO THE FUTURE, WHERE HOGWARTS IS REAL). NOPE, it has to do with something even better—that inescapable, irresistible, potentially-disastrous-but-always-spectacular event that I like to call EL PROMENADE (or, as it's more commonly known, PROM. Sometimes I get fancy with my lingo. Sorry I'm not sorry.)

Prom is a prettttty big deal here on SparkLife; we love the gorgeous dresses, the swoony search for the perfect date, the five-star updos, the legendary ask-outs, the Auntie SparkNotes dancin' tips, the hilarious fails, the epic Sparkler photos, the opportunity for us Sparkitors to get all gussied up and parade around the office like idiots—WE JUST LOVE ALL OF IT. And we know you Sparklebutts love it just as much–which is why we want one of you to BLOG YOUR ENTIRE PROM EXPERIENCE FOR SPARKLIFE.

YUP, we're aimin' to find ourselves a real-live Sparkler Prom Blogger, and our search starts right now. INTRIGUED?! YOU'D BE A FOOL NOT TO BE. So allow me to elaborate:

Each week, our Sparkler Prom Blogger will fill us in on their latest and greatest prom escapades and shenanigans—everything from the quest to find the perfect date to their prom style inspiration (couture paper dresses crafted by a 4-year old, perhaps?) to all the quirky, personal deets that go into and lead up to this LIFE-DEFINING DANCE OF ALL DANCES. Much like a Hunger Games Victor—minus the terrible flashbacks and the tyrannical dictator hell-bent on your destruction—the Sparkler Pro Blogger will be showered in rewards, including but not limited to:


-Email exchanges with YOURS TRULY (sometimes I tell jokes!!!)

-Writing experience that will make your resume/college applications look FANCY

-A chance to share your life with awesome high schoolers around the world

UH-MAZING, right?! To land this choice po-zish, you've gotta meet the following requirements:

-You must be an actual high school student who is currently in high school (NO BENJAMIN BUTTONS RE-LIVING THEIR LOST YOUTHS, PLEASE).

-You should be confident that you'll be able to produce a blog post once a week (though of course we understand that high school students are VERY BUSY PEOPLE and will not freak out if you've gotta skip a week here and there to study for your AP NASA Rocket Building class or save a bunch of pandas from imminent destruction in the rainforest)

- Your writin' skills should be SHARP (as in, you're good with grammar, you know your way around an introduction paragraph, you avoid cliches, you have a strong voice, and most importantly, YOU ACTUALLY LIKE TO WRITE)

-And finally, you must be EXCITED ABOUT PROM. Sure, posts about despising prom and all its trappings are awesome and often hilarious, but it's hard to make a series out of 'em. If you want this gig, your wit and enthusiasm must infect SparkLife like a HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS AIRBORNE DISEASE (ONLY WITH LESS EYEBALL BLEEDING, HOPEFULLY).

Think you've got all the above? YOU'RE HIRED. Just kidding. You're not hired yet. That would be ridiculous. But if you'd like a chance to be hired in the future, then HIT ME UP. Shoot me an email explaining why you'd LURVE to be the Official Numero Uno Fancy Pants Royal Sparkler Prom Blogger, and tell me a little bit about yourself; what grade you're in, your favorite book, if you've already got a prom date in your sights, how many Cheez-Its you can eat in one sitting, what your Patronus is—YOU KNOW, THE USUAL. If you're REALLY ambitious, you could even write up a mini-post about prom, so I can get a feel for your voice/tone/overall awesomeness! I'll sort through all the applications, and in a few short weeks, we'll all be knee-deep in the greatest prom blog of this or any century. I CANNOT WAIT.

Got questions, concerns, cookie dough bites? Leave 'em in the comments, then fire away with your applications! I'm so excited to read them all!! 

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