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Brace Yourselves for BEAUTY OVERLOAD: The Hottest Looks At the 2014 Oscars!



PUT ON A HELMET AND STRAP A PILLOW TO YOUR GUT, BUTTS, because you are about to witness AN UNPRECEDENTED AMOUNT OF GORGEOUS. Sunday night's Academy Awards not only provided us with millions of moments of  internet-crashing awesomeness (summed up to perfection right here by our very own Janet Manley), they also gave us the second most stunning collection of gowns ever assembled (first-most stunning are the collections that I put together last week. #HUMBLEBRAG). All of your favorite celebs strutted the red carpet looking like absolute divinity—which is why the following pix are going to cause swoonage so serious that you will probably need medical attention (WORTH IT). Keep your smelling salts close at hand while you click through the slideshows, then hit the comments to tell me which stars made your best-dressed list (and also to report on how many times you collapsed into the carpet and rug-burned your face due to beauty overload-induced fainting spells. I'm at 9 so far, but I'm confident I can get that number into double digits).

Dagger Note: Sorry this is a day late, buttskis! It took me ever so long to put together because I kept passing out from glamour fumes while Googling gown photos. I BLAME LUPITA.

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