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Writer Wars: Alien Perspective

Hello, writers! Welcome to this week's Writer Wars. How are you? Are you feeling refreshed? Filled with writing energy? Eager to slap down a short story and reap in all that writer-pride? Good.

Last week's prompt took a page from Kurt Vonnegut and had you write about the world from an alien perspective. The results: wonderful, amusing, enlightening, creative-as-dang. Some aliens marveled at our ability to hope and love and appreciate life, others tsk-tsk'd our violent tendencies and discrimination, whereas others just hated cats. A lot of you wrote your stories as though mission reports, which was a cool way to frame the story. Great work all around!

Your Sparklers' Choice Award winner, for the second week in a row, was WritingFire. I don't know how you do it, WritingFire, but you continue to capture our hearts and votes. Look for her fully illustrated story later this week!

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