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Writer Wars Winner: "I Can Be Your Worst Enemy " by WritingFire!

This week's Sparklers' Choice Award is bestowed to WritingFire, a well-decorated Writer Wars winner, and for good reason: she writes dang good. Last week's prompt asked writers to tell a story of a superhero's origins, and WritingFire crafted a story of a bullied protagonist suddenly endowed with the ability for good, but also for revenge. Perhaps its a warning to those to mistreat others—who knows what powers hide inside? I won't spoil how the soon-to-be hero gets her powers. Though I kinda gave a hint—but a pun hint, which is the worst kind.

Also: as most people don't title their stories, I end up titling it ... something. Sometimes it's hard. I'm cool titling for you, but I'd be curious to see how you guys dub your works—in just a few words a good title can be a great introduction to a story!
If you want to see your own story all illustrated and pretty, submit a story in the comments of this week's Writer Wars and perhaps you too shall claim the Sparklers' Choice Award.

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