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Which Gorgeous Gown Should JLaw Wear To the Oscars?

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With the Oscars rapidly approaching, there's one question on everyone's mind: WHY WAS CHELSEA DAGGER NOT ASKED TO HOST?!? My highly photogenic sweatiness and crippling fear of public speaking made me a perfect candidate, but in the end the Oscar committee went with Ellen Degeneres (for which I shall never forgive them). So I suppose we'll have to direct our attention to that OTHER question on everyone's mind: what is Jennifer Lawrence, aka the lady-king of our hearts and dreams, going to wear? I think we all agree that she could show up in a giant inflatable donut and still look drop-dead gorgeous, but I've gotta admit that I'm a litttttle worried about her red carpet options.

As one of the most famous, sought-after, and gorgeous actresses on the planet, Jen should have big-name designers throwing their gowns at her feet—but since she's the new face of Dior, she's pretty much locked into wearing their clothing on every red carpet event she'll attend over the next three years. And though there's no denying that Jen's worn some breathtaking Dior looks in the past (please see examples 123, and 4), it's also true that Dior's most recent collections (Pre-FallCouture, and Spring Ready-to-Wear), while beautiful,  haven't had much in the way of show-stopping gowns. So as Jen's BFF (WE'RE TOTALLY TIGHT), I took it upon myself to scour the interwebs and find as many glorious frocks for her as I could. Though she may not be able to wear any of these stunners this Sunday, it's still fun to imagine which one she'd choose! Click through the slideshow to see all of the dreamy options, and then hit the comments to tell me which one you'd love to see JLaw wear on the biggest night in Hollywood!

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