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Artistic Advice from the Cutest/Most Disturbing Webcomic Ever

By Brandon Specktor Feb 26, 2014

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Cuddles and Rage


Meet Liz and Jimmy!

If you’ve never seen a sloth hugging a manatee, you, friend, have not read Cuddles and Rage.

C&R is a webcomic for people who want to see the “twee” put back in, “Say! There seems to be a hatchet buried between that adorable peanut’s eyes!” Husband-and-wife duo Jimmy and Liz Reed call their hand-drawn comics and vibrant clay diaramas “disturbingly cute,” and we’re not gonna question it. What we did wonder is how two charming nerds went from scribbling ideas on bar trivia napkins to running an insanely infectious cartoon blog in a few short years. We were prepared to tickle the secrets out of them... but they were really cool and just told us. Read on, dear Sparklers, for cuddles, rage, and indispensable advice for getting your own art noticed!

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