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The Do's and Dont's of Arguing a Grade With Your Teacher

The Do's and Dont's of Arguing a Grade With Your Teacher

Are report card is like a boyfriend—it usually is wrong and sometimes it can be argued with. If you think you deserve a better grade in class, then talk to your teacher about it. Sometimes, they listen to you (unlike your ex). If you do bring your case to the court, make sure to check out this handy guide to bring up your grades without bringing up tears.

DO: Explain there's some personal issues at home that keep your from focusing.

DON'T: Mention that is was the DVR erasing all your episodes of True Detective.

DO: Speak honestly about any distractions  that occurred in the class room.

DON'T: Say that the distraction was your crush sitting in the front row all spring.

DO: Ask if there is any last minute extra credit work you can do to get your grade up.

DON'T: Wink after you say this.

DO: Make sure to approach your teacher after class or during office hours.

DON'T:  Show up on his doorstep. They have laws about stalking.

DO: Be honest with your teacher if you had difficulty understanding the material.

DON'T: Mention that only an genius sit through his boring lectures.

DO: Support your argument with a forged letter from a parent.

DON'T:  Sign it, "My Mom."

DO: Bring up your perfect attendance.

DON'T: Let him know about the dummy you used while you slept in your car.

DO: Be polite.

DON'T: Do not call him "Mr. Hitler."

DO: Explain that you have vacation plans  you cannot cancel this summer.

DON'T: Mention those vacation plans are Hulu, Netflix and HBO Go.

DO: Promise to apply yourself extra hard next semester.

DON'T: Mention that next semester you are running away to join the Vampire Academy.


Have you successfully challenged a grade?

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