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Writer Wars Winner: "Quiet Was All They Saw" by radha24-totlcrzynerdwholuvsbks!

Congratulations to radha-24! Last week, readers gave her story (it's above! It's this story!) over 21 votes, earning her the Sparklers' Choice Award. Read the story! What happens in it? I suppose I can give you a slight hint: unicorn. That's actually a pretty substantial hint—I normally won't be so giving in my hints, so take it while you can! The story was expertly written with an important moral at the end, so please do check it out.

And, if by chance you find yourself fancying the notion of having your own short story illustrated and posted on the site, submit a story in the comments of this week's Writer Wars! If it wins, I'll draw several pretty pictures and post it on SparkLife for all to see.

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