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The Friday Awards: All Your Baked Goods Are Belong To Us

The Friday Awards: All Your Baked Goods Are Belong To Us

Welcome back, beautiful Sparklers! We bask in your sunny Internet presences like turtles in the sun. This has been a long, busy week for us, and we can imagine it mustve been that for you guys too. But sweet, sweet Friday is here, ready to sweep us off to castles in the sky filled with all the chocolate-chip cookies we can devour (we accept mailed baked goods from adoring fans as well). We pass along some of our overflowing weekend bounty onto you in the form of this week’s Friday Awards.

Congrats to the winners who correctly guessed last week secret message, which was: cuddly dragons rock. Here are the winners:

Make your guesses for this week here on this form! If you need hints for this week’s secret message, take a gander here or here.

The You’re Making Us Drool Unattractively Award goes to WritingFire for this comment on the creepy V-Day gifts post:

17. A life-size statue of the two of you.


Made out of chocolate.

The Pleasure Indeed Award goes to ay-may-ZING for this comment on Feb 20’s OT:

Anyone would be lucky to date me, I was a "pleasure to have in class".

The RESPECT THE BOOBS Award goes to friendlydragonette for this comment on the ladies reading comics post:

It'd be nice if people stopped insisting that boobs and geekiness are mutually exclusive.

The Painfully Correct Award goes to asyouwish1996 for this comment on the overly specific candle scents post:

The Chuck Norris candle would probably just punch the person smelling it in the nose.

The YEAH WELL YOU KNOW WHAT WE LIKE YOUR FACE TOO SO THERE Award goes to wicwacwoe for this comment on the Feb 17 open thread:

Oh it's Random Acts of Kindness Day?

Fine, I'll play along.


The You’re So Close To A Star! Does It Burn? Award goes to galaxy_spriggles for this comment on the fav celebs by state post:

I'm from Idaho, and people from out of state always ask me if I know Aaron Paul. And the sad thing is, my mom's actually dating his uncle, so that's not helping our podunk image...

And that’s all, folks! Have a wonderful weekend!

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