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Bagged Romance: What Does Your Bag Lunch Say About Your Love Life?

Bagged Romance: What Does Your Bag Lunch Say About Your Love Life?

Are you looking for love in the lunchroom? We can help you narrow down your perfect bowlmate. Get it? Because sometimes you eat lunch in a bowl? Ugh… nevermind, guys. Pick your meal du jour below to learn the secrets of your heart!

An Italian Sub with Salt and Vinegar Chips
Ain't no other way to put it: you're here for the party! You like your significant other like your lunch: deliciously beautiful and carefree! Your ideal guy/gal is always full of fun ideas and is the best person to go on dates with.

Turkey and Cheese Sammy on Whole Wheat Bread with Celery Sticks on the Side
You want someone as ambitious and well-rounded as you! Someone like the class president or valedictorian is your soulmate. Or… your roll mate. (We’re two for two!)

Handmade Vegetarian Spring Rolls
Your ideal hunk is mellow, pensive, and keeps his mind occupied with yoga, meditation, and current events.

Falafel and Hummus Wrap
Your ideal partner is worldly and well-read. You'd like to have a mini book club with just the two of you and a weekly outing to see a foreign film.

Tubed Yogurt and an Assemble-It-Yourself Boxed Lunch
You, social butterfly, are always on the go and don't put too much thought into meals and routines. Your ideal partner is someone you only have to see weekly or even bi-weekly. He goes to a different school than you and prioritizes time with friends above all else, which is fine because so do you!

Boxed Sushi From the Grocery Store
You like an army brat or military kid who has traveled the world, is on the Model UN, and can appreciate the wonder of a to-go box.

Peanut Butter, Banana, Spirulina, and Blueberry Smoothie
Whoa. Your ideal mate is like a future Chris Traeger on Parks and Recreation: healthy, motivated, and always cheerful. You're a morning person and expect your beau to be one too.

Minestrone Soup and a Spinach Salad
You're a bit of a baby and you need your honey bunny to recognize that. Your ideal guy spoils you, makes sure you take your vitamin C when you're sick, and loves to get self-serve fro-yo with you whenever you want.

Mini Veggie Platter and Fruit Cup
You like things plain and simple and your boo is no exception. Things like dates, movies, and jokes aren't all that important to you. Just having someone to talk to who makes you happy is all you need.

Pudding, Pretzels, Ham and Cheese Wheels
You are thoughtful, considerate, crafty, and fun and expect the same from your snugglebunny. Though he doesn't need to be as creative as you, he does need to have fun on the brain... always.

What's your go-to bagged lunch? 

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