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It is everywhere.

The birds sit chirping in the trees,

But the pond lies calm and still.

Nature, the Great Creator, brings order from chaos.


As I bike on trails through the woods

The sun's rays dapple through the trees,

And shine on the water, turning it into gold.

The birds rise up and flutter around,

While the restless butterflies settle onto flowers,

And then dance onto new ones.


On other days,

Raindrops fall from the sky;

Kissing my cheeks;

While a brilliant flash of lighting

Streaks through the dark, stormy clouds

Like a warrior wielding his sword.

Sometimes, the calm quiet of the forest,

Leaves me sitting still in its midst,

Awed by the sheer beauty and grandeur.


Thundering, gushing, pouring,

I watch as gallons of water

Come from the river above,

And pound into the rocks that lie below

Constantly changing, always moving.

Immovable, strong, humongous,

The great mountains stand tall,

Shrouded by mist,

Rising thousands of feet into the air,

With everything surrounding them

Cowering in the shadows.


As I stop to take a rest,

I hear the soft, soothing trickle of

A clear stream winding its way down,

And I am reminded of the caverns I saw,

Full of diverse, unique shapes,

All made of just water and minerals.

When I sleep after spending a day,

Basking in the sun on a soft, sandy beach,

The roar of the ocean waves,

Threatening to break the shore in their fury,

Lulls me to sleep, and follows me into my dreams.



It truly is everywhere.

I see it every morning,

And it is with me at night,

When thousands upon billons of stars,

Light up the night sky,

Turning it into a cloth of diamonds.


As I sit here writing,

I can’t help feeling grateful

For this beautiful world with its unfolding glory,

That I am lucky enough to live in.


Topics: Life
Tags: poetry, nature

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