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The Top 8 Romances of All Time to Watch With Your Lobster

The Top 8 Romances of All Time to Watch With Your Lobster

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IT'S HERE. Hooray for love, yeah?! So what are you going to do with your lover this fine Friday? How will you withstand the immense downward pressure of V-DAY ANTICIPATION? By using the aikido principle of  using that energy against itself: Counter expectations of romance with one of the following rom-com blockbusters.

The Princess Bride

Handsome farm boy Westley is totally in love with the woman he serves. How does he show his love? Oh, only by saying he loves her in his own special way every time he speaks to her (“as you wish” *swoon*) and then becoming the greatest Dread Pirate Roberts there ever was and saves her from Rodents Of Unusual Size. Who knew farm boys could be so romantic?

When Harry Met Sally

Sometimes we aren’t smart enough to see love when we first encounter it. In fact, sometimes it takes several hairstyles to realize that that awesome friend you want to hang out with all the time is actually the person of your dreams. This is the story of When Harry Met Sally, and it makes our hearts melt every time.


If you think about it, this movie is kinda depressing. And not because of the whole world being destroyed and people turning into fat blobs thing, but because it is a movie about a robot that is way more romantic than you can ever be. Kind of bleak, right? But also romantic! Sweet little robot, go find your metal box of love.

Moonrise Kingdom

In our minds, this movie perfectly captures the confusion of childhood love. Yes, you love the strange bespectacled boy with the heart of gold, but on the other hand, you don’t want to be captured by the boy scouts or the police. So what do you do? You run towards a secret cove that’s your own personal Moonrise Kingdom. That’s what childhood love is all about!

Edward Scissorhands

She had an uncaring boyfriend and a heart yearning for love. He had scissors for fingers and a very white face. But together, they sculpted something beautiful. Sometimes you need a bit of sadness to make you realize how beautiful you once had it. Also, Johnny freakin’ Depp!

Dirty Dancing

Frances “Baby” Houseman is a rich daughter of a well-to-do family. The problem is that she wants to dance, and she wants to dance dirty with someone who isn't a dentist. So she gets bad-boy Patrick Swayze to teach her some moves from the wrong side of the tracks, but *SPOILER* he ends up teaching her what it means to be in love. Yes, that is total cornballs and yes it gets us every time! Fly, Baby!


It is a myth that if a romantic comedy is too funny, it takes away from the romance. Look at Juno, which shows us an exciting, hopeful relationship amid the semi-disaster of a teen pregnancy and unadvisable intake of low-grade juice.   

Say Anything

 If a boom box serenade from a young John Cusack is not enough to make you swoon, then it is official: you are unromanceable!! (No that’s not a word, but in this case, we will make an exception).

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

This one is for you, mumblecore/indie music/alt romance fans, not to mention fans of the original novel.

What is your favorite rom com? 

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