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Chasing Dave: A Valentine's Day Special

Chasing Dave: A Valentine's Day Special

Happy Valentine's Day (if you're single get ready to mingle; if you're not...don't)! Valentine's Day, for me, has always been the day I buy greeting cards and chocolates for my PARENTS to give to each other and spending the day playing cupid (minus the being naked with wings and bow and arrow part) by organizing a romantic dinner and the like. I've never had a potential Valentine, what else could I do?! (If that ain't a sob story I don't know what is.) But this year, things went different. Very different.

Me: You can't honestly expect me to go ahead with that.

Pete: Why not? You're gonna be lonely and depressed, I'm gonna be lonely and not-so-depressed. Our best bet is to get lonely together.

Me: I'm not gonna be lonely and depressed! I might have a date, you know.

Pete: ...

Me: OK, maybe I will be. But what about Ellie?

Pete: Ellie who?

Me: Ellie, the girl who has her tongue down your throat every time I see you?

Pete: We broke up like ages ago and that's not the point. Are you gonna do it or not?

"It" was supposed to be a crazy anti-Valentine's Day date with Pete where we'd do all of the cheesy romance to see just how stupid it all was. And it involved watching a movie, dressing up like Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, buying presents and, believe it or not, a candlelit dinner. And the reason I was reluctant to do it was pretty stupid. Dave would never bother to come home that weekend, obviously. I was crazy to even entertain thoughts of that happening. So, there I stood at the movie theater, dressed as Annie Reed from Sleepless in Seattle and being skeptical as always, waiting for my Sam Baldwin. And boy, oh, boy, did Pete take those conditions too seriously. He put so much detail into being Sam Baldwin that it made me feel as if I really was on a date with Tom Hanks instead of Pete.

We watched Winter's Tale and I let him hold my hand in a non-weird, just-friends kinda way. Afterwards, we went to a fancy restaurant where he paid for dinner and gave me my present, which I'm proud to say, was a stuffed badger, and I gave him a copy of Sesame Street's My Fuzzy Valentine, which he loved. On our walk back home, he stopped midway to give me a foot-popping kiss, with me (surprisingly) NOT kissing him back... much, and ignoring the whole thing. And the best part is, it didn't even feel weird. It sort of felt like everything was just fine, like it was meant to be. That was until I got home and saw a text from Dave saying:

I'm sorry I can't be there for Valentine's Day. I'm hoping I can fix it this weekend. Later, love. *insert smiley*

All those in favor of my love life being confined to The Rubble, sign below.

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