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7 Non-Embarrassing Love Poems You'll Heart

7 Non-Embarrassing Love Poems You'll Heart

Like beards and artisan breads, love poems are the cool, throwback way to tell your  main squeeze how much you wanna put your mouth on their mouth! And the best-worst part is, there are so many poems to choose from. And the other best-worst part is, you might accidentally choose one that’s all like I’m-gonna-drink-poison-if-I-can’t-have-you and then things’ll get real weird. But guys, don’t panic! We got your back! Whether you like iambic pentameter or couplets or words that don’t rhyme and just sound pretty, we've got the poems you need to get your face kissed this Valentine’s Day. Get after it:

1. "Pathways," by Ranier Maria Rilke

Perfect for: You’re a new couple in your new-couple bubble in which you only wanna hang out with each other (a phase your friends only tolerate for three months, MAX).

I'll pursue solitary pathways
Through the pale twilit meadows,
With only this one dream:
You come too.

Read the whole thing, yo.

2. "The Missing Piece Meets the Big O," by Shel Silverstein

Perfect for: The single person who needs to know how amazing they are all on their own.

The missing piece tried to make itself more attractive, but it didn’t help. It tried being flashy, but that just frightened away the shy ones.
And then one day, one came along who looked different.

Read the whole thing, yo.

3. "To Love is Not to Possess," by James Kavanaugh

Perfect for: The realistic twosome who are about to go off to separate colleges and are sad, but know this is the right thing to do so they can have their own individual experiences.

Love only endures when it moves like waves,
Receding and returning gently or passionately,
Or moving lovingly like the tide
In the moon's own predictable harmony

Read the whole thing, yo.

4. "Sonnet 130," by William Shakespeare

Perfect for: Those whose idea of love is making fun and playing tricks on each other. OR people who feel ironic about Valentine’s Day (Note: make sure the person you wanna mash faces with feels the same way or they’ll be pissed).

I love to hear her speak, yet well I know
That music hath a far more pleasing sound;
I grant I never saw a goddess go;
My mistress, when she walks, treads on the ground

Read the whole thing, yo.

5. "If I Could Tell You," by W.H. Auden

Perfect for:
The timid person who wants to tell their secret crush they have a secret crush. It’s mysterious and abstract and awesome because it doesn’t even say the word “love” until, like, the eighth line!

There are no fortunes to be told, although,
Because I love you more than I can say,
If I could tell you I would let you know.

Read the whole thing, yo.

6. "Your Catfish Friend," by Richard Brautigan

Perfect for: Lil' weirdos who heart each other.

I'd love you and be your catfish
friend and drive such lonely
thoughts from your mind
and suddenly you would be
at peace

Read the whole thing, yo.

7. "Scaffolding," by Seamus Heaney

Perfect for: The long-term couple who fights all the time but knows they’re this.

We may let the scaffolds fall,
Confident that we have built our wall.

Read the whole thing, yo.

What's your favorite love poem?

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