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11 Things You Can Do Instead of Five-Minute Abs

11 Things You Can Do Instead of Five-Minute Abs

Time ain't cheap. We're busy people. Between classes, jobs, tai-kwon-do practice, maintaining an appropriately obsessive Tumblr for the Supernatural fandom, and drinking copious amounts of tea, every spare five minute chunk of free time really counts. So instead of using those blocks of time for five-minute ab exercises, here are a few more effective uses of your precious time.

1. Listen to One Direction's "Story of My Life" at top volume while having a wild dance party for one. 

Admit it, the song is catchy and as much as you hate to love those boys... well, you love them. This option offers a 56-second break at the end so that you can catch your breath from crumping so hard. You can also replace One Direction with any other guilty pleasure song under five minutes long.

2. Send 50 creative SnapChat videos.

Preferably involving a cat, a trampoline, and some baked goods.

3. Make yourself a single-serving chocolate cake in the microwave.

We're not even kidding a little bit. Here's the recipe. You're welcome.

4. Write in your diary.

Three years from now you'll want to read that entry where you wonder what you were doing three years before that. It's always good to pen down your musings on the differences between nectarines and apricots, too. You know?

5. Creep really hard on someone's Facebook.

We're talking click on their most recently tagged photo, then click the "left" arrow, then start liking and commenting on all of their really embarrassing photos from years ago. WARNING: This one can end up taking way more than five minutes, if you have no self control.

6. Try out a bunch of hairstyles, according to Pinterest.

But beware. This one can seem like a great use of time until the Pinterest picture totally lies to you and you're left with a mangled birds' nest of a hairstyle that you now have to impatiently scrape your brush through to look like a human again.

7. Perfect one great selfie.

Then slap a filter on it, upload it to Facebook, and celebrate your attractiveness with some candy or a cupcake. Mmm. Cupcakes.

8. Practice your foreign accents.

Honestly, when do you give yourself time to do this? It's important to nail that British accent in case you need to join the Witness Protection Program one day.

9. Take a cat nap.

But you probably won't actually fall asleep that quickly (though if you do, props to you). In which case, lie quietly with your eyes shut for five minutes and meditate.

10. Shower.

You probably smell. Plus it's so warm!

11. Find a video of your favorite Disney song on YouTube and belt it out at the top of your lungs.

This works particularly well with The Little Mermaid's "Part of Your World" or Mulan's "I'll Make a Man Out of You."

What would you rather do than five-minute abs? 

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