Valentine Day Movie Mashups We'd Like to See

Valentine Day Movie Mashups We'd Like to See

"Valentine's Day" isn't a movie genre. Don’t get us wrong, we love romantic comedies, the world is missing out on SO MUCH MORE from the auteurs of Valentine's Day films. Take, for example, these little-known Valentine's Day film genres:

The Valentine's Day Horror Movie

A lonely girl bumps into a cute boy while walking her dog on Valentine's Day—he has a daschund, and she has a bichon frise. It's love at first sight. They spend the night together talking and laughing, their dogs snuggled on the couch. In the morning, the girl awakes to find the boy gone, with no sight of his dog. It's almost as if he never existed, then she notices that he dog's food has been SWITCHED to a lower-grade brand that will upset her dog's stomach for weeks to come. The horror is only just beginning...

It's: Must Love Dogs meets The Sixth Sense

The Valentine's Day Post-Apocalyptic Film

A young man and woman are madly in love with each other. But they are both aware that love fades. To stop this, they decide to make a potion—a love potion if you will—that will keep them in this state of bliss forever. Because they are such romantics, they make V-Day the day they will take the potion and be eternally happy. But these two lovers are no scientists, so instead of a love potion, they accidentally create a monster serum, which turns the entire world population into monsters. Now they live day-to-day not knowing if they, or their love for each other, will survive.

It's The Notebook meets I am Legend

The Valentine's Slapstick Comedy

In South Valley High School, the prettiest girl in school has decided to dump her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day and hold auditions for her next suitor. Now a hundred guys are just waiting for their chance to prove their love, and not too mention sabotaging their rivals’ dreams with crazy and hilarious hijinks! Let the games begin!

It's 10 Things I Hate About You meets Mean Girls

The Valentine's Day War Movie

Two countries have been at war with one another for four years. It’s a terrible, bloody war. But then, on February 13th, a war widow is mourning the death of her husband, and prays that for just one day, the two sides will forget how to hate and learn how to love. And wouldn’t you know it, the next day, V-Day, the soldiers of both sides find that they are physically repulsed by their weapons, and rush their to their enemies with thoughts of affection and candle light dinners in mind. Who says you can’t find love on the battle field?

It's The English Patient meets The Time Traveler

The Valentine's Day Mob Movie

On the 50th anniversary of the St. Valentine’s Massacre, where a great deal of mobsters were gunned down, the ghosts of the deceased return to the current states of their mafia families and are horrified to see how weak and powerless they have become. And so, beyond the grave, they each nurture their families back to the strength they once were, for an all-out battle that won’t be forgotten any time soon.

It's Four Christmases meets Goodfellas

What Valentine's Day movie mashup would you like to see?





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