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Our First Kiss Story Manuscript Is Complete. Are You In It?

Our First Kiss Story Manuscript Is Complete. Are You In It?

Attention, Sparklers!

A year ago, we asked you to submit your first kiss stories for potential inclusion in a manuscript! Well, we've finally put together the whole dang thing (which is a mix of Splogger and Sparkler stories), and we're getting ready to approach publishers with the finished product. That means we're not certain if someone will publish the book, but we put the thing together in hopes of spreading the SparkLife love to Barnes and Noble stores near you.

One problem: If we DO find a company willing to publish this book, we'll need to know how you want your stories to be attributed—full, real name, fake name, SparkNotes nickname, etc. I'm using my real name in my story because it'll be a great thing to show off on my resume and to my friends, but we totally understand if you don't want to do that. So, here are the stories we've selected. Is one of them you? If so, shoot us an email at and let us know! We'll also put you on a mailing list with the other Sparklers to let you know if we ever find a publisher!

Thanks so much for your wonderful contributions. The manuscript is really, really good. :)

Nicole (FIRST SENTENCE: "When I was a senior in high school, I was cast as the female lead in the school play She Loves Me.")

Abdooligail G. ("My friends used to call me Virgin Lips because I was the only one who’d never been kissed.")

Emily C. ("Luke was quite charming.")

Emma C. ("I had a crush on this guy since the third grade.")

Lauren A. ("He took her hand and they walked outside into the warm summer night.")

Taylor R. ("I've always been a DC fan.")

Andrew S. ("I am dating someone now, and although I have shared many magical kisses with my current girlfriend, the best one (by far) was my first.")

Sophie ("I have a saying when it comes to new experiences: “You’ll either have good times or good stories.”)

Emily W. (HEYO!) ("Ever since I was in fifth grade I always dreamed of the day I would lock lips with someone special.")

Addie P. ("A group of my friends wanted to play football at the park, but Beth and I didn’t really feel like it.")

Avry T. (“Okay, I can do this,” I told myself.)

Taylor G. ("I was in seventh grade, but I remember like it was yesterday.")

Meenka M. ("It all began on a cold October’s night—in my 19th year of being single.")

Heloise R. ("My first kiss was dangerously forbidden.")

Cheryl A. ("My long-distance boyfriend and I had been dating for al- most five months and we still hadn’t kissed.")

Omayeli A. ("It was a bright, sunny day and I was set to meet a guy.")

Lauren R. ("I have two left feet; I know I do.")

Raychel S. ("As a NBK fifteen-year-old, things were not looking good.")

Jacico ("December 15.")

Betsymebane ("The room is dark, save the glow from the black lights.")

Andy M. ("My story begins on the 8th grade Washington D.C. trip.")

Kendra T. ("My boyfriend and I had been together for almost a year when we had our first kiss.")

JGates_12 ("I was just a lowly freshman in high school, but a cute, funny sophomore guy miraculously seemed to have his eye on me.")

If you wrote one of these stories, we'd love to get in touch. Email us at, and thanks for your excellent contribution!

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