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TREAT YO'SELF: A V-Day Gift Guide for All Of Us Spectacular Singlebutts!


I know the feeling well, as this is roughly the eleventy-billionth year that I shall be significant other-less on the calendar day officially dedicated to NOT DYING ALONE. But do I let my relationship status (or lack thereof) get me down? AW HECK NAW. I may not have Joseph Gordon-Levitt as my live-in eye candy, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy the perks of February 14th—namely, carbo-loading, cute pink schtuff, and the art of TREATING YO'ESELF (as demonstrated by Tom Haverfordstone-cold geniuspurveyor of swag, and font of endlessly gif-able wisdom). So if you're single this V-Day, consider yourself lucky; now that you don't have to drop mad cash on prezzies for some dumb love-muffin, you're free to spend your dollar billz on awesome gifts for your amazing self! Click through the slideshow to check out some of my personal faves (ENORMOUS INFLATABLE DONUT, ANYONE?!), and then hit the comments to join me and Tommy Fresh at our annual Treat Yo' Selves shindig—we'll be wearing sequin cardisspitballin' million-dollar ideas, and eating sandoozels and 'zerts until we barf.

Swagger-Dagger-Fresh Note: This post was not sponsored by any of the companies whose products are featured! Thanks to,,,, and H& for generously allowing me use your images on SparkLife!

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