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Is Nash Grier a Complete Butt? Discuss.

Is Nash Grier a Complete Butt? Discuss.

Today in Mystifying Things That Exist On the Internet: we at SparkLife have just discovered this bizarre video wherein Nash Grier, a moderately twitchy 16-year-old boy who looks like a small, ersatz, male Miley Cyrus, instructs the lady population at large about all the ways in which they could improve themselves to his liking.

Is this even for real? Have you seen it? The video dates from December 2013 and the resulting backlash has been ongoing for over a month, but somehow every last one of your Sparkitorial staff missed the moment when it hit the internet like a water balloon full of rancid pudding. (Personally, I blame my ignorance on the fact that I spent the entire month of January with my head stuck in a box of Cheez-Its.)

The original video is no longer available, although the vigilant internet police have made sure it lives on in various locations. But for those who haven't seen it and/or cannot watch all the way through without spontaneous retching, the 9-minute clip shows YouTube sensation Nash and his two best manfriends giggling their way through a stream-of-consciousness decree titled "What Guys Look For In Girls." We do not suggest you take it too seriously; in addition to being fairly rude (more on that in a hot second), Nash and the Backup Bros actually seem not to realize that they are a bunch of pubescent American dudes on a couch and not, say, Three Small Emperors of Ancient Rome. (Hint: Only one of these groups of people can actually shout the words, "Entertain me!" and expect to be taken seriously.) Among the gems of wisdom dispensed:

  • "If you play too hard to get, then it’s just like, ‘oh, she doesn’t even like me,’ but if you play easy, then it’s just like, 'oh, she’s a whore.'"
  • Girls must be "interesting in a boring situation"—but never "obnoxious and loud and crazy."
  • "Be yourself personality-wise, and be yourself appearance-wise." ...That is, unless being yourself involves having naturally-occurring body hair and/or defining your lips and eyebrows with makeup, all of which are absolute no-nos.

Needless to say, Nash's litany of lady requirements hasn't exactly been well-received. The scathing responses have of course come from girls who resent being told that they must satisfy a long, arbitrary, and often contradictory list of appearance and personality-related criteria (including but not limited to being naturally petite, knowing how to cook, and waging war against every last follicle of non-approved hair) in order to be considered desirable—but there's also been plenty of blowback from famous YouTube tastemakers, including internet demigod Hank Green, who has politely suggested that Nash think a bit before blasting his bajillion adoring female fans with such an extra-large faceful of sexist douche juice. (Whether that message made any impact is unclear; the video was taken down, but on the other hand, none of the dudes have said anything indicating that they understand why it probably shouldn't have gone up in the first place.)

Of course, this is the internet, where people say terrible and obnoxious things to each other all the time, and Nash Grier is hardly the first fellow on YouTube to make the mistake of thinking that girls exist primarily as malleable objects for his gratification, as opposed to being, y'know, humans. But with an audience as large as his (the dude has millions of followers), does he have a bigger responsibility than most to use his powers wisely? Did this video make you as annoyed as it did us, or was it no big deal? Tell us what you think!

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