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First off, let me just come out and say that I’m a guy, and being 100% honest I’ll tell you that I don’t know much about girls. But for those of you who are single or are coming off a bad relationship please remember one thing, there is a guy out there waiting for you.

A perfect guy who will love to make you feel special. He’ll hold open doors for you, bring you flowers when you’re sad, hold your hand when you’re scared, make you laugh until you cry, love you through joy and pain; care for you through thick and thin and think about you day and night. He’ll call when he says, show up on time and never once think about breaking your heart. He will be a guy who will simply love you for being you. Wait for him, because he’s out there somewhere waiting for you and when you least expect it, you’ll cross each other’s paths. One day, you’ll look back and wonder how you ever lived without him, but until then I encourage you to keep watching and patiently waiting. Don’t think that just because you’re single that you’re not good, pretty or smart enough to be someone’s everything.

Because you are, you’re a beautiful and amazing person no matter what anyone else says. Culture lies, it tells you that you have to be skinny to be beautiful, that you have to cover your face with makeup to be pretty, that you need to act, dress and talk a certain way to “fit in” with the crowd; that you have to give up your innocence to the first boy who claims to love you. That you have to pretend you’re happy when you’re sad, that you have to act dumb to be cool and that you’re just an insignificant person in a wide world of people. Today, right now choose to stop listening to the world, choose to step out of the mold, choose to wait for that perfect guy. Because the moment you stop trying to please culture is the moment you become someone truly extraordinary.

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