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Writer Wars: Tales of Horror

Writers, last week your prompt was simple: scare me until my brain doesn't work. I will now check whether or not you accomplished said task. Ahem.

2 + 2 = ... uh ... um ... I dunno ... something more than 2? 3? 3.5?

You did it! Great work—now I can't do my taxes. Your stories tackled several kinds of horror, from spine-tingling eeriness to bloody stomach-churning murder to the most unsightly horror of all: SparkNotes disappearing. This week's Sparklers' Choice Award goes to CrepuscularSnidget, whose tale of dark London streets and the grim desires of Jack the Ripper (almost wrote Rapper—that would be a very different story) won 9 votes, thus earning her an illustrated version of her story to be posted later this week. Excellent work, it genuinely sent numerous chills down my spine—not sure how many, but more than 2. 2.5?

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